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Pepper Pancoast

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Database Observability & You

Don't you love when you're able to catch a problem before it blows up and becomes a really big problem?
No matter what cloud service you use, what your database looks like, how you deploy, or how any of your tech stack is built, being proactive with finding errors is a goal we all look to achieve.
Finding metrics and building out ways to alert the system owners of these problems is something that we've looked into and built up a solid process and tool set within the database tier.
This talk will delve into tooling, process, and automation that we have built up, utilized, and implemented across multiple clients to aid in catching performance, functional, or implementation issues before our end users even know about it.

In this talk, we will touch on the following items
* What tooling is available from Oracle to proactively catch issues
* What tooling have we built on top of Oracle to be utilized
* How can teams utilize the existing toolset
* What success stories do we have at existing clients
* What platforms are available for teams to build off of to succeed