Per Ökvist

Per Ökvist

Malmö, Sweden


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Architect
  • event-driven architecture
  • DDD
  • Event Sourcing
  • Azure
  • .NET
  • Event Storming
  • Event Modeling

Introduction to Dapr

Wouldn't it be great to have the same programming model across serverless/cloud native and local development ?

Dapr (Distributed application runtime) is a portable event driven runtime with developer focus. It runs as a sidecar, enabling a wide set of building blocks,
aiming to help you developing distributed applications, focusing less on infrastructure and sdks.
Dapr's event driven approach brings a lot that is familiar from a range of serverless offerings into any environment (as process or container), it could also be the under pinning to current and future serverless platforms.

In this session we'll explore Dapr and its consistent programming model for any language without a framework!

Length: 50min. Audience : Architects/developers

Gather your party before venturing forth

Collaboration and shared understanding for tech teams.

In the strive towards autonomous teams, with freedom, ownership and accountability,
interactions and collaboration with different functions grows.
The importance of shared view increases along with shorter feedback loops.

In the "modeling community" a few practices has emerged, that could be utilized in different scenarios in the software journey. In this session will explore these practices and how they could be utilized.
How could a collaboration format clarify flow, language and even hint tactical implementation ?
Join me in exploring Domain Storytelling, Events Storming and Event Modeling and their position in the flora of practices that surrounds software development.

50-60 min Session.

Architecture Digest - Cloud-Native .NET Applications on Azure

The Latest Developments and Innovations

Software design, collaboration and architecture is no simple feat. We see a shift going from projects to products, a strive for autonomous teams, supported by team topologies. With this there is a a lot of cognitive load on teams, that could motivate platforms and portable building blocks for value stream teams.
In this session will look at solution architecture with Azure and .NET, in context of these movements, for teams delivering cloud native applications. We’ll use platforms/IDPs (internal developer platforms) as an out set, to navigate architectural questions raised by the latest developments and innovations in .NET and Azure.

50-60 min session


Gather your party before venturing forth - v0.1
50 min

October 2023 Helsingborg, Sweden

DDD Copenhagen User Group

Lightning talk - "A ha moments, on the journey thus far."
Take aways from my DDD experince.
15 min

October 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark

Knowledge breakfast | Handelsbanken

Self contained system in practice v1.5

February 2023 Malmö, Sweden

13|37 Knowledge Lunch

Event driven architecture trends

September 2022 Malmö, Sweden

1337 | Knowledge stream

Orchestrated containers, meets PaaS and Serverless
Streamed event

August 2021

1337-Course #1

EDA:ES Course series

January 2021

Open Mic #2

Cloud native app development and deployment.
Internal knowledge event.

September 2020 Lund, Sweden

Code Lunch

Introduction to Dapr
Streamed event.

June 2020 Lund, Sweden

Code Lunch

Server Side, Scalable Web Performance
Streamed event.

April 2020 Lund, Sweden

Open Space, Architecture and Processes

Server Side, Scalable Web Performance.
Invite-only event.

March 2020 Malmö, Sweden

Copenhagen .NET UserGroup - Event Driven Architecture and Self-Contained Systems

Self-contained Systems: In Practice

February 2020 Copenhagen, Denmark

Self-contained systems with Per Ökvist

Self contained systems - In practice

September 2019 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Open Space - Architecture

Self contained systems - In practice

February 2019 Malmö, Sweden

Code Lunch

Self contained systems - In practice
Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg

November 2018 Malmö, Sweden


Practical experiences with microservices in the cloud

May 2017 Copenhagen, Denmark

Code Lunch

Practical experiences with microservices in the cloud
Malmö, Lund

April 2017 Malmö, Sweden

Per Ökvist

Malmö, Sweden


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