Peter Bull

Peter Bull

Senior Platform Developer and Universal Windows Platform Developer

Peter has over two decades of commercial software development experience but has been a programmer for three decades having started out coding on his C64 using BASIC in 1990. He's written dozens of Tutorials starting all the way back with Visual Basic 6 all the way to the present with over a hundred written for Universal Windows Platform. He's also written a multi-part C# Workshop, volunteered for Code Clubs and generally helped out on websites such as StackOverflow and is very active on Twitter on a variety of subjects but mostly Microsoft related topics.

Peter currently works as a senior platform developer for tombola, based in Sunderland in the North East of England working on their ASP.NET MVC based web platform and MS SQL Database back-end in their International Team which look after the non-UK websites including Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Italy with more on the way! He also maintains his own Spotify SDK for .NET Standard and Universal Windows Platform and was a Windows Phone Developer having published two of the first thousand apps for that platform at launch, of which one, ZuneCardr, gained over 330,000 downloads!

Peter also has experience of delivering talks around the North East and the wider area on Microsoft related topics including his experience of helping to identify and resolve a regression bug in the Windows 10 platform, his experience of creating software and other programming related topics including Groove Music and more!

Current sessions

Spotify for Developers

Peter Bull, Senior Platform Developer for tombola in Sunderland in the North East of England, but also with his personal experience of working with .NET, Universal Windows Platform and Music APIs will talk about Spotify for Developers.

In this this session you’ll learn how he got started with music services for developers and how you can get started with Spotify for Developers. Topics will include learning about the authorisation flows, an overview of the Spotify API and will show off examples using C# in .NET Core and Universal Windows Platform.

You’ll also find out about the Spotify for Developers SDKs Peter has made that make integrating with the Spotify API even easier using .NET Standard and extensions for Universal Windows Platform and how you can start creating your own experiences using Spotify for Developers.