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Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt

Independent Consultant, Microsoft MVP: M365 Apps & Services, MCM: Exchange, MCT.

Kolding, Denmark

Peter is working as a Cloud Architect in Denmark. He has been working as a consultant since 1996 with a primary focus on Messaging, Collaboration, and Cloud security, based on technologies like Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, Office 365, Purview Information Protection, and Microsoft Defender Security products.
Peter is a Microsoft Certified Master on Exchange and has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP in M365 Apps & Services and Security. He has been speaking numerous times at Danish and Norwegian events like Microsoft Campus Days, Nordic Infrastructure Conference, European SharePoint Conference, and local User Group events.
He also runs the Danish WorkPlace Ninja User Group, which has a focus on Microsoft Modern Workplace, Productivity, and Security.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • E-mail Security
  • Cyber Security
  • SharePoint Online
  • Office 365 Security
  • Office 365 Identity
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance
  • Microsoft 365 governance and compliance
  • Microsoft 365 Security
  • Microsoft Purview
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OneDrive For Business
  • Microsoft Defender for Office
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Securing Microsoft Teams

A deep Dive on how to secure Microsoft Teams in your Organization.

Effective Backup and Data Integrity Strategies for Microsoft 365

In this session, we will explore the data integrity challenges associated with Microsoft 365, and why backup is essential for protecting your data in the cloud. We will discuss best practices for backup, including how often to perform backups, what types of data to include, and how to recover data in the event of a disaster. Additionally, we will look at different backup solutions available for Microsoft 365, including native and third-party options.

Revolutionize Your Mailbox Migration Strategy with Exchange Online Native Cross-Tenant Migration

Unleash the Power of Exchange Online Cross-Tenant Mailbox Migration: A Deep Dive into the Nitty-Gritty Details. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of Exchange Online native cross-tenant mailbox migration, exploring the latest techniques and strategies for streamlining this complex process. From preparation and planning to execution and follow-up, this session will provide a comprehensive overview of the key elements involved in successfully migrating mailboxes between Exchange Online tenants. Whether you're an experienced migration expert or just getting started, this session is the ultimate opportunity to deepen your understanding of Exchange Online native cross-tenant mailbox migration and gain valuable insights into how to make the most of this powerful technology.

Protecting Your Users Against Phishing Attacks

Phishing is still one of the most common cybercrimes and during COVID, the number of phishing attacks has increased by 25%.
This session will cover how we can use the built-in features of Office 365 Defender to protect our users against phishing and how to better train our users.
We will cover everything from the basics of protecting your mail flow, using SPF, DKIM, DMARC, combined with the advanced features of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to phishing simulation and training.

Learn how to train and protect your users against phishing attacks.

Be the Information Protection Hero of Your Organization

Get the IT Pro overview into how you can protect your sensitive and GDPR related data, using Microsoft Information Protection.
We will deep dive into using Sensitivity Labels in data protection scenarios with SharePoint, Teams, Cloud App Security, and learn how to be the Hero in Information Protection projects.

Mastering a Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

In this session we will dive into tenant-to-tenant migrations, it could be based on anything from mergers, acquisitions, or consolidations.
What is possible during migration and how do we best plan, test, and migrate data in a tenant-to-tenant project?
Get a good understanding of what is possible and how to plan for a successful migration between tenants, including understanding the data structures and dependencies, managing security and compliance, and ensuring a smooth user experience.
By the end of this session, attendees will have a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities of tenant-to-tenant migrations, and the tools and techniques required to master them.

Defender for Business Deep Dive

Join us in a sessio, that dives into the New Defender for Business. Learn all about what is included and how to get started with Defender for Business.

No Phishing Allowed: A Deep Dive into Microsoft Defender for Office and Authtenticated E-mail

Phishing attacks continue to be a major threat to businesses, with attackers using increasingly sophisticated techniques to trick users into revealing sensitive information or infecting their systems with malware.

In this session, you will learn how to implement Microsoft Defender for Office in your organization, and how to use it in conjunction with other anti-phishing strategies. You will also learn how to customize its protection policies to meet the specific needs of your organization, and how to monitor and analyze the reports to understand the threat landscape.

The sessions will provide an overview of best practices for securing your organization against phishing attacks, such as user education, training, and policy development.

After this session, attendees will have a better understanding of how to use Microsoft Defender for Office and other security tools to protect their organizations against email-based threats.

Securing Access and Data in Microsoft Teams with Sensitivity Labels

In this technical session, we will explore how Microsoft Information Protection and Sensitivity Labels can be used to secure access and data in Microsoft Teams.
We will cover the different types of sensitivity labels available, how to create and apply labels, and best practices for using Sensitivity Labels to secure access and data in Teams.
Learn how to implement and manage Information Protection policies and how to use Sensitivity Labels for protecting sensitive data.

Get a deeper understanding of how to use Microsoft Information Protection and Sensitivity Labels to secure your Microsoft Teams environment and protect sensitive information.

A Hitchhikers Guide to Microsoft Defender for Business

In this technical session, we will explore the features and capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Business and show you how to use them to protect your business from cyber threats. We will cover best practices for deployment and configuration, as well as threat detection and response.

Ready, Set, Migrate: A Guide to Tenant-to-Tenant Data Migration

Cross-tenant migrations can be complex and time-consuming, especially if the two tenants have different configurations or use different technologies. In this technical session, we will explore strategies and best practices for successfully executing a cross-tenant migration.

Maximizing Cross-Tenant Collaboration in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has revolutionized the way teams collaborate, breaking down the barriers of organizational boundaries with its cross-tenant collaboration features. In this session, we will explore the latest and most powerful of these features, including Teams Shared Channels, Cross-tenant Sync, and more. You will learn how to get started with these tools and how to configure them for optimal results. We will also discuss best practices for maximizing the benefits of cross-tenant collaboration in Microsoft 365. Whether you're an IT professional or a business user, this session will provide valuable insights and hands-on demonstrations to help you take your collaboration to the next level.

Defend and Secure Your Windows Devices with Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a powerful security solution for Windows clients and servers. In this technical session, attendees will learn how to effectively use Microsoft Defender to protect their Windows environment against cyber threats. The session will cover various features of Microsoft Defender, including real-time protection, threat and vulnerability management, and security analytics. Participants will also learn best practices for deploying and configuring Microsoft Defender for maximum security. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Defender landscape and the knowledge necessary to defend their systems against cyber attacks.

Mastering Data Migration Between Microsoft 365 Tenants with Cross Tenant Migration Tools

In this session, participants will learn how to efficiently migrate data between Microsoft 365 tenants using the native Microsoft Cross Tenant Migration tools. The session will cover various aspects of data migration, including best practices, common challenges, and how to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the migration process. Gain the skills and knowledge to effectively plan and execute data migrations, saving time and resources.

Microsoft Teams 2.0: A deep dive into the new client and architecture

With the introduction of Teams 2.0, Microsoft promises a more robust, efficient, and seamless user experience.
This session will provide an in-depth look at the Teams 2.0 client, highlighting its user interface, navigation changes, and new features. We will then delve into the architecture of Teams 2.0, discussing how it improves performance, enhances scalability, and integrates more deeply with other Microsoft services and third-party applications.

A Hitchhikers Guide to Microsoft Information Protection

All Your Data is now in the Cloud, what's next. This session will show you how to get a good start on data protection using Microsoft Information Protection. Get the full overview of what Microsoft Information Protection is and how it can help protect our data at rest. Covering everything you need to know, to get started with data classification and how to use Sensitivity Labels to protect and your data

Teams Architecture Deep Dive

In this session, we will go deep-dive into the architecture of Microsoft Teams and how Microsoft is using existing Azure and Office 365 technology to make Microsoft Teams a scalable platform, that can perform and is easy to manage.
This session will cover the logical architecture of Teams, where are conversations, images, files, voicemails, and recordings are stored.

ESPC23 - European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference

November 2023 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

NIC Cloud Connect 2023

November 2023 Oslo, Norway

NIC X Edition

June 2022 Oslo, Norway

ExpertsLive Norway 2021

May 2021 Oslo, Norway

2nd cloud8 virtual Summit in 2020

November 2020

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2020

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2020
Delivered two sessions about Teams and Security.

February 2020

Microsoft Tech Summit Stockholm 2018

Proctor on a workshop about Microsoft Teamwork (Teams, Groups, OneDrive, Yammer).

April 2018 Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2017

Delivered two sessions, one about OneDrive for Business and one about Exchange Online (Office 365).

February 2017 Oslo, Norway

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2016

Delivered two sessions about Office 365 and Exchange.

February 2016 Oslo, Norway

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2015

Delivered two sessions about Exchange and Office 365.

January 2015 Oslo, Norway

Peter Schmidt

Independent Consultant, Microsoft MVP: M365 Apps & Services, MCM: Exchange, MCT.

Kolding, Denmark