Petter Arnesen

Petter Arnesen

Azure MVP, automation dude, techie, consultant, architect

Azure MVP, automation dude, techie, consultant, architect

Oslo, Norway


Petter Arnesen is a seasoned senior consultant with two decades of experience in various IT domains. His career spans work with small businesses to large enterprises, and he has expertise in cloud computing, automation, virtualization, storage solutions, networking, and security.
Azure, Bicep, and PowerShell are at the heart of his current work. In 2022, he was honored with the MVP title for his contributions to the Azure community, largely through his educational YouTube channel, PetterTech, where he inspires and educates IT professionals worldwide.

Petter er en seniorkonsulent som gjennom 20 år har vært innom det meste i IT-bransjen. Han har jobbet i alt fra de minste miljøene opp til større enterprise miljøer, han har jobbet med skytjenester, automatisering, virtualisering, lagring, nettverk og brannmurer for å nevne noe, kort sagt det meste.
I dag er det Azure som ligger hans hjerte nærmest, helt ved siden av Bicep og PowerShell.
Han ble tildelt MVP tittelen innenfor Azure kategorien i 2022, mye på bakgrunn av hans YouTube kanal, PetterTech.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Technologies

How I use AI for Dungeons & Dragons

While using AI tools for Dungeons & Dragons is not particularly business oriented, it does showcase how AI tools can be incorporated into the creative workflow and help keep track of things.
In this session I will talk about and demonstrate how I use AI tools both as a Dungeons & Dragons player and as a dungeon master. Among the tools I use and will show are ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney and Github Copilot, often in tandem.

Is Windows 365 more than just a VM in the cloud now?

While the concept of having your PC running in the cloud, accessible from just about any device anywhere in the world can be enticing in itself it's not something unique. That part can be achieved in many ways, but it still was kinda the main selling point when Windows 365 was launched.

So has that changed? Does any of the new features in Windows 365 provide anything more?

In this session we will, among other things, cover some of the main new features in Windows 365, like Switch, Boot and Frontline and discuss how they open up new possibilities and usecases.

The jungle of Azure Virtual Desktop scenarios/setups

Azure Virtual Desktop can be set up in a multitude of ways. From the simplest "just a desktop in the cloud" scenarios to the more locked down variants where you stream apps and block screen captures, use FSLogix and so on.
Let's look at setting up the simplest scenarios and how you can use Azure Virtual Desktop in the more advanced ways.

(Azure) Arc-ing across clouds and to the ground

Azure Arc is a service that enables Azure management of workloads running in other clouds or on the ground. This is great in this hybrid day and age, but what is it really and what can you do with it?
Let's take a look at the setup of it and what it can do for you

Windows 365: Why? When? When not?

One of the newest members of Microsofts 365 lineup is Windows 365. It provides virtual desktops running in the cloud and some features around this.
So why should you use it? For which usecases is it a great fit and when should you not use it? Can you use Azure Virtual Desktop in stead?

There is no definitive answer to any of these questions but in this session I'll try to shed some light on this great service and in the end you should have enough info to make a decision on your own, for your own usecase

Microsoft Dev Box - Just another virtual desktop solution?

On the surface Microsoft Dev Box might look like just another virtual desktop solution, despite bold statements about it transforming the developer workstation. And it being built upon Windows 365 kinda reinforces this impression.
But what separates it from the crowd? How does it compare to Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 or other similar services?
In this session I'll give an intro to what the Dev Box service provides, how it works and why (or why not) you should consider using it.

MVP-Dagen 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023, October 2023 Oslo, Norway

MVP-Dagen 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Oslo, Norway

NIC X Edition Sessionize Event

June 2022 Oslo, Norway

Nordic Virtual Summit Second Edition Sessionize Event

November 2021

Global Azure Norway Sessionize Event

April 2021

Petter Arnesen

Azure MVP, automation dude, techie, consultant, architect

Oslo, Norway


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