Pierre Roman

Information & Communications Technology

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Pierre Roman

Sr Cloud Advocate - Microsoft - Because there is always more to learn.

As a Cloud Ops Advocate, Pierre engages with the operations and infrastructure communities around the world to share his knowledge and experiences. He collects feedback to improve the Azure hybrid cloud.

With over 25 years in the industry in all facets of the Ops/infra lifecycle. His experiences enable him to relate to his audiences and cultivate relationships at all levels.

He’s a husband, a dad, a hockey fan, a gadget freak, and a geek.
Pierre is always ready for a conversation (in English or français - naturellement).

Current sessions

Feeling Triggered? Find a better way of executing your automation script

We have been promoting the idea of PowerShell scripts that are task-based. Like turning your code into micro-services. This allows you to avoid writing monolithic scripts that do everything, by breaking them up into task-based units that can be called upon whenever a specific scenario/trigger is activated. This session will cover the options we have to build task-based PowerShell functions in azure that respond to specific triggers. We will look at Azure Function, Azure Logic Apps, and some of the multiple triggers you can leverage to ensure your code runs when it’s needed and without wasting resources.

Cloud Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform Cloud & Infrastructure Cloud Architecture Cloud Computing Azure Azure IaaS Azure Stack Microsoft Azure Windows Server Hyper-V Virtualization Azure BCDR Docker Containers Hybrid Hybrid Cloud

Improve Your On-prem Management with Cloud Services

We live in a hybrid world. In this session, we will learn how Azure Services can help you be more efficient at managing your on-prem environment without heavy deployments.

Using Azure services we can monitor, secure, remotely access, and protect our on-prem servers.

We will cover Azure Arc, Azure Update Azure Monitor, and many more to enhance hybrid cloud management in your environment.

Past and future events

psconf.eu 2022

20 Jun 2022 - 23 Jun 2022
Vienna, Austria