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Piotr Prus

Piotr Prus

Android developer

Gdynia, Poland


I am an android developer with 5+ years of experience, addicted to new things. I love clean architecture and clean, simple designs. I am trying to create meaningful articles and speeches. Currently composing and KMMing all the things.


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Area of Expertise

  • Environment & Cleantech


  • Android Development
  • Kotlin
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Glance
  • Jetpack Compose

Spin-to-Win Experience with Jetpack Compose

In this talk, we will explore how to create a custom view that enhances the user experience of a Spin-to-Win feature using Jetpack Compose. The view is a horizontal carousel of images, where the system randomly selects a winner and the carousel stops at the winning image, animating and enlarging it to reveal the product won.

We will dive into the implementation details of the custom view, discussing how to leverage Jetpack Compose's features to create dynamic, responsive, and fluid UIs. We will explore how to draw the carousel and how to create animations with the Animation API. Additionally, we will discuss best practices for measuring and positioning elements, optimizing performance, and handling the system-selected winner.
Come and maybe you will be lucky to win the spin!

Bringing Your Canvas Creations to Life with Jetpack Compose

Take your Android UI development to the next level with the power of Canvas and Jetpack Compose! This session dives deep into crafting astonishing custom graphics, from beginner-friendly shapes to expert-level effects.

What you'll learn:
- Explore production examples showcasing the versatility of Canvas in Jetpack Compose.
- Delve into algorithms and mathematical calculations for precise pixel positioning
- Embrace Blend Modes: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Blend Modes and their impact on canvas rendering.
- Bring it to Life: Discover powerful functions and APIs to seamlessly animate your custom graphics within Jetpack Compose.

This session is perfect for:
Android developers curious about pushing the boundaries of UI design. Anyone looking to create visually stunning and interactive experiences.

Join me and learn the secrets to animation and breathe life into your custom graphics.

Introducing KMP to iOS is all about developer happiness

Are you an Android developer considering KMP to streamline your mobile app development across Android and iOS? This talk delves into the practical realities of integrating KMP into an existing mobile app.

Join me on a journey that explores:
Preparing your team and manager: We'll share strategies for effectively communicating the paradigm shift of KMP, highlighting benefits like code reusability and a unified development experience.

Beyond the hype, we'll get real:
Lessons learned and challenges encountered: Gain valuable insights into setting up the development environment, navigating the CI/CD process, and overcoming potential roadblocks during KMP integration.

This talk is ideal for you if:
You're an Android developer interested in exploring KMP for your existing mobile app.
You're looking to balance the technical advantages of KMP with the well-being of your development team.

By attending, you'll walk away with:
Actionable steps for introducing KMP into your mobile app development workflow. Practical considerations for ensuring a smooth transition for your team.

Blast Off: Managing Hundreds of UI Updates for Emoji Cannons

Managing a state might be a challenge. Managing the state with hundreds of updates and constant recomposition of floating emojis is a challenge indeed. In this talk, I will share how to build emoji cannon that floods your screen with UI elements, update the state, and does not freeze your UI. All of that with Jetpack Compose :)
In addition to covering the technical aspects of building and managing a state, I will also share how to build a responsive UI that takes the user input and animates.

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Piotr Prus

Android developer

Gdynia, Poland


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