Pride Musvaire

Pride Musvaire

FullStack Developer at Blacklight Design

I am a Software Developer with experience in web development, mobile app development, I have an interest in Machine Learning which I plan to transition to in the future.

I have attended and participated in a couple of local and international events, the recent event being Facebook F8 where my team was selected as the top 8 finalists and SDG-4 bonus prize winner.

I am also an avid traveler who has traveled to 14 countries and hiked at multiple locations in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Links to my f8 presentation. - (15:15).

Current sessions

What happens a dev can customise their personal transportation device?

As someone who tries his best to avoid driving and sitting in traffic, I prefer personal transportations devices. I started with a Segway in 2018, covering 1 000km+ on South African roads and 3 100km (and counting) on my Onewheel, getting to work daily as well as running personal errands. I’m now moving on to playing with Loomo.

Loomo is described as an “Advanced Personal Robot, Mobile AI Sidekick, Mini Personal Transporter”. With such a tag line, how can a developer not be intrigued – and this is exactly what happened to me.

In this talk, I’d like to cover my experiences with Loomo and how I view it as a platform. Everyone thinks of Amazon and Uber as platforms, but I intend on broadening that mindset, showing how a gadget like Loomo can be a platform for both career developers and hobbyist too.