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Istanbul, Turkey

R. Caner Yıldırım

UX Designer at Tmob, Google Design Expert, Sprint Master

Caner is a UX designer who is also a technology geek. Mainly focused on the design and marketing of mobile applications. Passionate about good UX, IoT, and Android.

Since 2012, he is working for companies and agencies to solve their design issues. Today, he works at t-mob, a mobile development agency in Istanbul, making and creating apps that users love.

Caner has been a user group leader at GDG Istanbul since 2013, organizing, participating, and speaking at events. He shares his experience in User Experience via giving talks, workshops or Design Sprints at conferences like Droidcons, DevFests and so on.

Current sessions

Hey Google; Whats Next? / Conversational UX

Since the beginning, a UX designers’ job is assisting the user to perform the needed task in the possible shortest time by minimalizing the information and the interface they interacted. Nowadays, things are a bit different than the past. Now, users don't even have to look for the content to get the answer. The only thing they need to do is talking with a chatbot or a virtual personal assistant which response in seconds!

So, for a UX designer, things are tougher than ever. If you look the evolution of the virtual personal assistants and chatbots, you'll see no interface problems about reaching the content. Let's dive into the magical world of VPAs and chatbots to see how the voice interactions and the conversational UX make our daily life easier than ever.

This presentation aims to teach beginners how to create a flow for a Conversational App (Personal Assistants or Chatbots)

Conversational Design Sprint

The Conversation Design Sprint is a short 4-hour collaborative workshop, in which teams will participate in activities to "learn by doing" the design process and principles for conversational experiences.

This is especially useful for product teams who are creating a brand persona from their existing brand identity and writing dialog for Actions on Google. Here you will find all of the resources you need to run your own Conversation Design sprints with your product teams and clients.

List of items:
Regarding the size of the space, we need enough space for 30 people to spread out and be able to work in teams of 4.

Chairs for all
Easels / moveable whiteboards (If not, wall space will do) 1 per group
Printed worksheets
Sharpies for all
Post-its for all
Tape (to stick the worksheets up)

What does God need with a starship?

Let's assume you have a product that is already working. This product has different problems or aspects that it has accomplished quite well.

But at the end of the day, you needed to redesign your existing product because of the aesthetic concerns, or because of the new needs that arise over time. How will you manage this process?

Should you change the current product in one go? Or is it better to spread this process over time? What will your users like in your new design? Is there really such an action needed? In this talk, let's learn how to manage a redesign process!

Past and future events

DevFest Greece (Heraklion) 2017

Hey Google, What's Next / Conversational UX - Talk (45 mins)
15 Dec 2017 - 17 Dec 2017
Athens, Attica, Greece

DevFest Istanbul 2017

Hey Google; Whats Next? - Talk (45 mins)
26 Nov 2017
Istanbul, Turkey

DevFest Gorky (Nizhniy Novgorod) 2017

Hey Google, What's Next? / Conversational UX - Talk (45 mins)
18 Nov 2017
Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia

Droidcon Poland 2016

Accessibility for Android - Talk (45 mins)
8 Dec 2016 - 10 Dec 2016
Kraków, Lesser Poland, Poland

DevFest Istanbul 2016

Designing For Android Wear - Workshop (2 hours)
4 Dec 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

DevFest Bucharest

Improve Your Android App's UX With Accessibility - Talk (45 mins)
25 Nov 2016
Bucharest, Bucureşti, Romania

DevFest Pilsen 2016

Improve Your Android App's UX With Accessibility Features - Talk (45 mins)
5 Nov 2016
Pilsen, Plzeňský kraj, Czechia

DevFest Ukraine 2016

Designing for Android Wear - Workshop (2 hours)
Mobile App Accessibility - Talk (45 mins)
10 Sep 2016 - 11 Sep 2016
Lviv, Ukraine

Droidcon Poland 2015

Using Brillo in Daily Life - Talk (45 mins)
4 Dec 2015 - 6 Dec 2015
Kraków, Lesser Poland, Poland

DevFest Istanbul 2015

Android Brillo and Daily Life UX - Talk (45 mins)
29 Nov 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

Droidcon Greece 2015

First ever Droidcon in Greece.
Using Brillo for Daily Life - Talk (45 mins)
10 Sep 2015 - 12 Sep 2015
Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece