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24 Jun 2024

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27 Jun 2024


Hilton Antwerpen Old Town, Groenplaats 32, 2000 Anvers, Belgium Antwerpen, Belgium


Welcome to the Call for Speakers Page for PowerShell Conference Europe 2024. This time it will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, between

 June 24-27, 2024

We are focused and committed to deliver another great in-person conference.

We believe that PowerShell Conference Europe is the perfect place for PowerShell experts, members of the PowerShell team and professionals passionate about PowerShell from around the world to meet, share, network, learn and also have a wonderful time!

To better understand the fantastic experience of this event, check out the 2022 after movie and the 2023 after movie!

We would LOVE to have YOU here with us to share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom.


Get Some Inspiration! 

Attendees show a lot of interest in Real-Life PowerShell, DevOps Concepts, Pure Deep PowerShell, Azure and some interests in On-Prem scenarios or non-technical skills such as Community, Soft Skills, Career development, Blog Writing, How to Stream, etc... 

Please do not feel constrained by the proposed topics, but see them as inspiration. 

While we love deeply technical content, we do see a variety of experience levels in the community 

As the conference organisers we are looking to: 

  • Skill up beginners
  • inspire the newcomers, 
  • keep opening the doors to those progressing in their journey, 
  • and challenge what we think are the limits for the most experienced. 

All presentations are held in a friendly cooperative atmosphere and on an equal level with the audience. 

You can find the previous result of our feedback here. We'll run another poll and update it here!

Please make sure that you also follow us on Twitter @PSConfEU, using the hashtag #PSConfEU, via LinkedIn and via our website

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 8:00 AM

13 Oct 2023

Call closes at 1:00 AM

16 Dec 2023

Call closes in Romance Standard Time (UTC+01:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

Unique Sessions

One of our aims for this conference is not only to give our attendees and you a brilliant experience but also to create an outstanding contribution to the resources available for people to continue to learn from. If your session is exactly the same as in a different event then we are not able to increase the knowledge sharing, only duplicate it.

Please make your sessions submissions for PSConfEU unique.

Of course, we understand that you will want to practice them at User Groups (Please support the PowerShell User Groups) and that you may also submit similar sessions to other large conferences, but we ask you to tweak them so that we (and you) can enable greater knowledge sharing.

Session Topics 

We are looking forward to what you can bring to the community! All sessions should have one thing in common: Aimed at or associated with (people that use) PowerShell. We ask that either your session or your work is related to PowerShell as that is the main focus. But we also love to be surprised. Previous topics included Mental Health, Azure automation, GIT, DevOps & Presentation skills 

Session Length

Normal sessions will be 45 minutes in length including the Q&A. Please leave time for Q&A as we love for the audience to engage.

Following last year's success, this year, we'd like to offer more "Follow-along" or deep dive sessions of 90 minutes.
The rooms will be equipped with tables so that people can bring their laptop and reproduce what is presented. These are not workshops, there may be over a hundred attendees in those sessions.

What we expect from you as a Speaker 

You are expected to follow our code of conduct, linked here. 

This means that we expect you to champion our values of inclusion, diversity, and professionalism. We also wish to make absolutely clear that inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated at all. 

We are looking for speakers who enjoy attending this conference, and who love to dive into the event and be part of it. If you can only attend for a day or two, please let us know so we can plan the slots. 

Each speaker will be chosen for two sessions, so we recommend to submit at least four sessions to maximize your chances.
If you're co-speaking, that only counts as half a session, or you have to forfeit the speaker benefits (add a note to the submitted session).

We make an effort to record the talks and make them available to the community afterwards at and to also share the code and/or slide decks. By applying you agree for your session to be published 

What will you get? 

  • Free conference admission 
  • Exclusive speaker SWAG 
  • 50 % participation for a hotel room (or a free shared hotel room with another speaker) 
  • Credit and eternal gratitude 
  • Hugs!! 

If you're travelling with a child under the age of 3, your hotel room will be covered by us on a double occupancy + baby basis. 

Are the costs a reason for you to not apply? Please apply and mention in the comment what kind of help you would need. We cannot make any promises, but we want to consider to help people who don’t have the support of their employer. 

Speaker Confirmation 

Despite the call for speakers closing on December 16th and knowing that will mean that some of you will not submit until December 16th at 11pm, we might review sessions and announce speakers before this date. So don’t hesitate to submit as early as possible! 

We will inform all speakers chosen and otherwise by January 5th, and ask that you confirm positively or negatively as quickly as you can. 


Standard Sessions (45 minutes)

Standard sessions serve as the cornerstone of the conference agenda, providing a platform for speakers to delve into specific topics, techniques, or tools within the 45-minute time frame. The content is efficiently structured ensuring it covers a minimum of 30 minutes of substantial material, leaving 15 minutes for interactive Q&As, or some extra content in case the audience has no question.

Key Points for Standard Sessions:

 • Content Focus: Comprehensive coverage of the topic within the given time constraints. Some prior knowledge may be required, but those ought to be described in the session abstract except for PowerShell fundamentals.

 • Q&A Integration: Time is allocated for audience interaction and inquiries. At least 10-15 minutes for Q&A are reserved, during or at the end of the talk depending on the speaker, enabling attendees to seek clarification or delve deeper into certain aspects of the presentation.

 • Extra Content: In case the questions don't take those 15 minutes allocated, the speaker should have some extra content ready to fill up the gap with for instance advanced examples, demos, case studies, or practical applications…

After the 45min allocated, we demand that the speaker leaves the stage promptly even if there are further questions.

This is to ensure the next presenters can setup their devices and test the microphone.

However we encourage the discussion to continue, either outside of the track room, in the hallway, the foyer or on the Open Stage if the speaker has more content to share with interested participants.

Follow-Along Sessions (90 minutes)

These extended sessions offer a more immersive experience for attendees, allowing them to bring their laptops and actively engage with the material presented. Although not structured as full-fledged workshops due to the audience size, these sessions are designed to be hands-on and participatory.

Features of Follow-Along Sessions:

 • Duration and Interaction: With a duration of 90 minutes, these sessions enable a deeper dive into the subject matter.

 • Involvement: Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops, facilitating real-time exploration and practice during the session.

 • Preparation: Material or resources will be available in advance on the conference's GitHub repository. This preparation ensures participants can make the most of the session by familiarising themselves with the content beforehand.

 • Assistance: The speaker won't be available to troubleshoot or help you individually in case you get stuck along the way. But feel free to ask a question if that will benefit the audience in case they get stuck the same way. For help, you might have a better chance asking fellow participants around you.

Open Stage Sessions (up to 45 minutes)

The Open Stage sessions are there to encourage impromptu knowledge sharing with your peers. From sharing a quick tip, your custom made solution, solicit feedback, or collaborate on problems, the Open Stage is your platform!

Those opportunities are a great addition to the conference, opening the stage to both speakers and attendees alike.

They can vary in length from 10 seconds to 45 minutes, repeated as many times as desired, while the stage is free from planned sessions.

This year in Antwerp, the main room will host the Open Stage.

Key Aspects of Open Stage Sessions:

 • Unscheduled and Informal: Unlike the structured call for speakers, Open Stage sessions are not pre-scheduled before the conference, nor selected by the organisers. Participants, including both speakers and attendees, can seize the opportunity during available time slots on the Open Stage.

 • Opportunity for Follow-Up: Speakers who've conducted standard sessions can leverage the Open Stage for impromptu follow-ups. It serves as an excellent avenue to address lingering questions, offer deeper insights, or respond to specific requests from the audience.

On-Site Registration: Participants interested in hosting an Open Stage session can register with the conference organisers during the event so we can better advertise it, and book you for prime time. Alternatively, it's ok to just take the stage during empty slots, contributing to the dynamic and interactive nature of the conference.


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

Accepted speakers get a room in the Speakers hotel (please do not book accommodation yourself unless you or your company are covering it), free admission to the conference and all of its events, special invitation to the exclusive Speakers Dinner. Travel is yours to cover.