Puneet Ghanshani

Puneet Ghanshani

Sr. Architect at Microsoft

I am a passionate technologist and am currently playing a role of Senior Architect at Microsoft. I started development at an age of 5, have published a book on C programming and over two-dozens of whitepapers in international journals, have delivered talks in 40+ conferences and forums, was awarded Microsoft MVP for 3 years, and have contributed to research published in the journal of American Institute of Physics.

Most of my professional time is spent in translating business problems to technical solutions through architecture and delivery and strategizing delivery of large scale projects. I am an advocate of change and am responsible for successful implementation of enterprise-wide transformations at our customers leveraging Hybrid Cloud and Artificial Intelligence capabilities. I have good experience working with customers in FSI, Healthcare, Education, Telco, Mining and Manufacturing industries and have worked in India, Australia, UK and ASEAN countries.

I am active on LinkedIn, Twitter, my website (and on Tennis Court).

Current sessions

The Art and Science of Well-Architected Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Most organizations start their journey on Azure from doing proof of concepts, or migrating their workloads. And when organizations see the benefits of using Azure, they leverage more services. Very quickly this turns into a chaotic situation for architecture, engineering, operations, finance, security teams who want to ensure consistency across adoption of Azure. In this session, we will discuss the art and science of what it takes to architect both enterprise landscape and solution architecture to ensure the right adoption of Azure.

Make the jump from DevOps to DevSecOps

Think DevSecOps. While most of the organizations are breaking process, people, tools and organizational silos, the pertinent question that CxOs and leaders have is where and how does their Security team contribute in this new world. In this session, we'll leapfrog from DevOps world to the DevSecOps world to collaborate and think Security not as an after thought but as part of the process. The session will use Azure technologies/demos to show this journey

Infusing Intelligent Search Capabilities to your Apps

Infuse data driven intelligence into your Apps by using Azure Cognitive Search