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Quintin Balsdon

Android Software Engineer

Android, iOS and IoT developer

Current sessions

The ABC'S of Android: A Quickstart guide to Android Development

New to Android and looking for that "int main()" function? Don't worry, we're here to help

Making a case for automated tests

Often when the topic of writing software tests comes up, whether proactively or retrospectively, stakeholders will respond they don’t have time for tests. In this session, I will make the case that writing tests will actually save everyone time in the long and short term, regardless of your project type.

This is not a technical session, but it does consider some technical aspects, so that it can be aimed at both a high level and lower level aspects.

Android Accessibility for Developers

In this session, I will present the different tools made available to Android developers regarding accessibility, and provide some insight into how to make the most effective use of them to avoid hassles in the release cycle.

As a developer, I want to improve communication, so that I can promote transparency and delivery

In this session I will convey a few simple techniques in making the work that I do more transparent to the team, while fully embodying an agile approach to work. With a few minor adjustments to how you approach your board, you can ensure that there is less unnecessary communication overhead.

The ABC'S of Android: A quick start guide to learning Android

Are you a developer who wants to learn the basics of Android development? I'll take you on an eagle-eye tour of the core concepts of Android engineering

Automating Android: Command line controls

Sometimes testing your Android application goes beyond what an integration test can do, and scripting behaviour becomes necessary. In this session I’ll take you through some example scenarios and show you how you can make the Android Debug Bridge (adb) and general purpose scripts work for you.

- Knowledge of Android application development
- Some bash shell knowledge

Lean Agile: Using Software Methodologies for Weight Loss

Over a 2 year period, I lost 40kg (88lbs). I used an agile approach to modify and maintain my behaviours, and determine what worked for me.

I'm not a health professional and I'm not a miracle worker. I'm speaking purely from personal experience and I will make sure that this is mentioned