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Rabimba Karanjai

Rabimba Karanjai

Researcher | Google Developer Expert

Houston, Texas, United States


Rabimba Karanjai is a full-time graduate researcher, part-time hacker, and FOSS enthusiast. He works with I2C lab at University of Houston and Habenaro lab at Rice University as part of his PhD. He has previously worked with Mozilla Research Mixed Reality team and IBM Research Systems group. He is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technology and Machine Learning, Google Champions Innovator in Cloud AI/ML, an avid reader, loves to watch anime


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • WebVR
  • WebMR
  • Security
  • WebXR
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • generative ai
  • ● Firebase ● Android ● Android Things / IOT ● Progressive Web App ● Machine learning and AI ● Robotics and Drone Technologies ● Tensorlow

Give your web apps superpower with Generative AI and Mediapipe

Learn how MediaPipe empowers web developers with custom, cross-platform ML solutions for enhanced web applications. No deep learning expertise? No problem! Discover how to effortlessly create and implement generative AI solutions, unlocking unlimited potential to transform and elevate your web app.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this talk:

What is generative AI?
How does MediaPipe work?
What are the different types of generative AI models that MediaPipe supports?
How to choose the right model for your needs
How to create custom ML solutions with MediaPipe
Examples of custom ML solutions that have been created with MediaPipe
This talk is for web developers who want to learn how to use generative AI to supercharge their web applications. No prior experience with ML is required.

Immersive Art with Generative AI and Intelligent Captioning

In this talk, we'll explore the exciting convergence of web technologies, artificial intelligence, and artistic expression. We'll delve into the world of WebXR, showcasing how it can transform static art galleries into dynamic, interactive 3D environments accessible directly through web browsers.

We'll then dive into the transformative power of generative AI models like Vertex AI Image Generation. Learn how these models can create unique, ever-changing artwork on demand, opening up new possibilities for artistic exploration and audience engagement.

But the experience doesn't stop there. We'll demonstrate how intelligent captioning, powered by models like Gemini Multimodal API, can add depth and context to each artwork. These AI-generated captions can provide insightful descriptions, interpretations, and even historical context, enriching the viewer's understanding and appreciation.

Mixing Real and Virtual in WebXR: Virtual and Mixed Reality for everyone

The virtual world is cluttered. No other way to put it. We have VR, AR, MR, XR and more technologies and jargons than ever before. But what does it all mean for a developer? How are they relevant? Do we need to go back to learning new technologies to build on each platform, or we keep on iterating on new technologies till industry and users fix their mind on one. And why now?
In this session we will try to answer three question.

1. Where all this VR,AR,MR,XR are different, or are they?
2. Why now?
3. And what do we need to know to build the experience

Come to the talk to learn how we at Mozilla Mixed Reality team are bridging the gap between all these technologies and bringing the power back to open web. Build your WebVR apps using aframe, build WebAR apps without markers using WebXR api's without any vendor lock-in. And how you can help, be part of the journey

On Device Generative AI: Building your own Dall-E in the browser, welcome WebGPU

Have you ever wanted to create your own AI-generated art? Well, now you can! In this talk, we'll show you how to build a Dall-E-like image generation app in the browser using the WebGPU API.

WebGPU is a new standard for graphics processing that is designed to run on the device itself. This means that you can create powerful and user-friendly AI applications that run right in your browser.

We'll start by giving you an overview of on-device generative AI. Then, we'll introduce the WebGPU API and show you how to use it to build your own image generation app. Finally, we'll discuss the challenges and opportunities of on-device generative AI.

So come along and learn how to create your own AI-generated art!

Rapid Prototyping using Gemma and Production deploy in Vertex AI

It's easy to get started with Gemma! In this walkthrough, we will guide you step-by-step, from finding the model, pulling up code snippets, and creating a simple prompt in just a few clicks. Navigating your favorite integrations and tools has never been so easy. And learn how to run Gemma locally on your laptop using quantized models.

Web AI: New models, tools, and APIs for your next web app

learn what's new with the state of Web AI at Google and discover Gen AI models you can run client-side in the browser, along with new tooling and APIs for your company's next web app. I'll cover key web ML updates from Google Chrome, TensorFlow.js, MediaPipe Web, Core ML, Visual Blocks, and beyond. Suitable for everyone.

Visual Blocks: Bring AI ideas to life with custom nodes for your APIs

Visual Blocks ML is a powerful low-code solution that provides more than 70 nodes you can arrange or connect together to bring any AI powered-idea to production faster. This year, we launched support for defining your own custom nodes that can potentially integrate with any service, model, or code you can dream up. Learn how to make your own nodes that work seamlessly with existing ones and your own products and services in this workshop, opening up creative workflows that can be shared with the community or used with your internal teams. Suitable for intermediate / advanced JS developers who want to enable their wider team / company to work better together.

Practical on-device AI for web developers

With new capabilities landing in the browser, it's becoming possible to run AI and machine learning workloads on the client side – which can drive latency, cost, and privacy wins. We'll take you through real-world use cases and discuss when on-device AI is the right choice. We'll show how new web capabilities in Wasm and WebGPU are enabling even more use cases. Finally, we’ll talk about remaining challenges, and share some early thinking to kickstart a collaborative effort.

DevFest Florida Orlando Sessionize Event

October 2023 Sanford, Florida, United States

Rabimba Karanjai

Researcher | Google Developer Expert

Houston, Texas, United States


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