Arvind Ballgobin

Information & Communications Technology

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Grand Bois, Savanne, Mauritius

Arvind Ballgobin

Senior Frontend Engineer/Technical Lead

Lives within the Angular Eco-system. Always curious about how it works.
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Current sessions

Angular app using angular-cli

Creating an angular app using the command line tool- angular cli
This is a basic session that will contains the following:
1. Generating an angular app
2. Creating components, services, interfaces, etc
3. Understanding the different concepts of component, services etc

Angular Change Detection process

- What is Change Detection?
- Why is it important?
- How other frameworks process change detection
- Angular methodology towards Change Detection
- Examples

Web Components

1.What are web components?
2. Demo on how to create a web component using Stencil
3. Demo on how to use the web component on frameworks or libraries.

Angular Ivy, lets discuss!!!

Lets journey and understand the new compilation/runtime mechanism in Angular 8.
To fully understand this concept, we will look at how rendering is done in Angular and why Angular deems it fit to completely rewrite the compilation engine now known as Ivy.

Lets build a PWA with Angular ^^

We will have a demo session about building a production ready Progressive Web App using the Angular Framework
During the session, we will discuss about
- Service workers
- Offline application mode
- Optimization techniques
- Bundle reduction techniques
- NgStore
- Angular Animations
- Modular Design concept
- JIT compilation & AOT compilation

Angular Ivy in depth

We will discuss the new Angular Engine and the features it comes bundled together.
This will be a in-depth view of the framework and we will discuss a lot about why and how we have introduce features and what are the optimizations available to us.

Some of the following concept will definitely be part of the session:
Differential loading
IVY compiler
Web workers integration in Angular
Angular Performances

Past and future events

Virtual Developers Conference 2020 - Mauritius

8 Sep - 10 Sep 2020
Port Louis, Mauritius