Randy Walker

Randy Walker

Azure Architect @ TriZetto, a division of Cognizant

Currently serves as the Director of Azure Architecture for TriZetto, the Healthcare division of Cognizant. Randy has been a Microsoft MVP award winner for 9 years, an ASP Insider, and an Azure Advisor.

Having accomplished many of his early career goals, Randy has consistently been at the forefront of the Microsoft stack community. This includes being one of the early developers utilizing the .Net framework and continuing on with .Net Core. Randy was also one of the first adopters of Office 365 and Azure cloud computing.

He attributes his years of success by purposely staying engaged with the developer community and following current developer trends, which he accomplishes by being involving with local user groups, and speaking at regional and national conferences.


Managing the mentoring process

Join us as we openly discuss the best mentoring methods of increasing technical and inner-office political skills aka "social intelligence". Find out the positives and drawbacks of the various methods and the difficulties in dealing with technical employees and their unique social skill sets. Geared for the entry to mid-level manager and project manager.

I'm a Development God!

Let’s face it, geeks rule the world. We’re the smartest, brightest, and some of the richest on the planet. So why do we suck with our people skills? Come find out and discuss how we can help ourselves to become the most successful (and richest) people we deserve to be.

SQL Server Scripting

Loading from text files using BCP, parsing rows with cursors, temp tables, and crazy sub-queries!

Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cloud BI

Join us as we explore how to use Microsoft's new MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) technology. We'll deep dive into why we would use it over SQL Server, the benefits, the problems, and give real world examples on how a .Net developer & business owner (me) learned how to create a high performance scalable solution. We'll cover things like partitioning, columnstore indexes, CTAS, statistics, and the all important partition swapping.

Azure 101

Microsoft's cloud offering has exploded. With all the new product offerings coming out almost daily, let's make sense of the various products. While we won't have time to go over all the products, we'll start with a some general marketing, what products should be used and which ones should be avoided. We will end with audience participation on what you might be interested in and what products might fit what you're after.

An Entrepreneur's Tale

Ever wanted to work for yourself? Be your own boss? Forge your own way? Come hear the realistic tale of what it takes to work for yourself and achieving the dream of being a technology entrepreneur. You’ll be both inspired and shown the realistic view of the world contracting, consulting, and owning a software development company.

Randy Walker

Azure Architect @ TriZetto, a division of Cognizant