Rebecca Stodelle

Rebecca Stodelle

Feeding America - Programmer Analyst II - SharePoint/Office 365

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Rebecca Stodelle is a Senior Programmer Analyst - SharePoint at Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization and the 3rd largest charity in the U.S. Partnering with a network of 200 food banks across the nation, Feeding America strives to connect food insecure children, families, seniors, veterans, etc., to the food and resources they need. Over the past 10 years and prior to Feeding America, Rebecca has seen the power of SharePoint grow across multiple industries – consulting, retail and distribution (CDW), global public relations (Edelman) and medical non-profit (American Medical Association). Rebecca has worked to maintain custom solutions within SharePoint, develop intricate workflows to optimize business processes, create InfoPath/PowerApps/Flow solutions of various levels of complexity, as well as learn the administration and communications side of the SharePoint/O365 world. Rebecca is currently the technical lead for Feeding America’s migration from SharePoint 2013 to Share Point Online in Office 365 and loves every minute of the adventure. Working closely with the communications team, she understands JUST how critical effective communication is to a successful migration, roll-out and maintained user adoption.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Government, Social Sector & Education


  • O365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Action Planning
  • Powerapps

Learning PowerApps - In introduction to building a real world app

This session that I would like to present focuses solely on a beginning-to-end development of specialized "Canvas" PowerApps. The use cases for this project were imagined and came to life at a very fast-paced, and everyday I learned a new aspect of PowerApps, and its "magic".

Although still a novice, I feel as though I was able to produce a real-working end-product; used by business users, to help further the interests of the non-profit I work with. I definitely was taught and learned some promising shortcuts twists a long the way, and cannot wait to show your what I have gained.

Exciting things happening!

7 Things to Know about Office 365 to Build a Successful SharePoint Intranet

In Office 365, the landscape of products and features is robust and holds a lot of potential. This means understanding the underlying technicalities of the platform where you will build or migrate your SharePoint environment is extremely important. Knowledge of Office 365 and all its features will help you build a SharePoint Intranet that is agile as well as relevant from infrastructure and security, to administration and adoption.

The exciting offerings that come from Microsoft via Office 365/Microsoft 365 can be both useful AND overwhelming, so it is imperative to understand the platform as a baseline to optimize your company’s SharePoint experience.

Based on real-life experiences, this session will provide you:

- An understanding of the areas within O365 that may initially affect your SharePoint Environment with a focus on Active Directory, Licensing, etc.
- Insights into communicating which O365 features are right for your organization and SharePoint sites (what to make available to users or what to hold off on “releasing”)
- How "selling" OneDrive can help your overall SharePoint adoption.
- How to use specific integrations within O365 and SharePoint to promote communication/collaboration – Yammer, O365 Groups, etc.
- Specific examples and resources to keep on top of the changes in O365.

Dallas SP Fest - Rebecca Stodelle

December 2020 Dallas, Texas, United States

SharePoint Fest Chicago 2019 Sessionize Event

December 2019 Chicago, Illinois, United States

Rebecca Stodelle

Feeding America - Programmer Analyst II - SharePoint/Office 365

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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