Renganathan Palanisamy

Information & Communications Technology

Government, Social Sector & Education

Microsoft PowerBI Azure SQL Power Platform Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Quantum computing Mentoring Databases

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Renganathan Palanisamy

Data Specialist and MCT Regional Lead

Renganathan Palanisamy is a Data Specialist and a avid trainer with more than 15 years experience in both academic and technical field. Serves as a Data Specialist with skills in Microsoft and IBM based data solutions. Also serves as Microsoft MCT Regional Lead to guide and mentor ,new Microsoft Certified Trainers to perform their task.

Data Specialist
MCT Regional Lead
Azure Mentor
AWS Community Builder
Roopu Cloud Ambassador
Alibaba Cloud Community Influencer

Complement NOT Compete! Keep Moving Forward!

I am an avid enthusiast of data related technology implementation and collaboration.

With experience in both academic and technical fields, it has given me the confidence to tackle any data related requirements, may it be implementation projects or consultative training sessions.

Coming from a non-IT background and learning it all with passion has brought me a long distance in this ever-changing field. From a learner, I became educator and now, a consultant.

Technology never cease to amaze me; thus, I tend to keep pace with the evolving requirements and trends through self-learning and collaboration with other technical expertise in the field.

Along my journey, I have collaborated with many technology-driven companies and organizations. I had the pleasure of sharing my expertise and gaining insight into what would best suit their client needs.

Thanks to all the ever caring and sharing individuals all around the world ,whom have shared their knowledge and passion with the rest of the world. I am certainly one of those who are grateful for this and will do my best to do the same for the benefit of others.

Looking forward to opportunities where my knowledge and skills will be a good asset to deliver the best of data related technology and knowledge to the seekers.