Surahutomo Aziz Pradana

Surahutomo Aziz Pradana

Google Developer Expert - Firebase | Engineering Lead at Delta Data

Jakarta, Indonesia


Pradana is a person who really passionate about people and technology from technical side and from community side, In his free time, Pradana likes to research technologies and write extensively on various technical topics such as AI/ML and AR/VR to help others learn. Combining an appetite for success and a passion for communities, Pradana has won multiple international hackathons as well as spoken at various tech events.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Progressive Web Apps
  • ARCore
  • WebXR
  • Unity
  • Tensorflow Js
  • Game
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Firebase
  • Firebase Analytics
  • DevFest
  • GDG
  • DSC
  • Firestore
  • Cloud Hosting Technologies
  • Cloud functions
  • GDE
  • Mentorship
  • Judge
  • Competition
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Inteligence
  • AI/ML
  • Cloud & Infrastructure

Build our own Fullstack WebXR Framework and Library powered by Firebase

In this session, we will learn about how to build our own standalone WebXR Framework and Library that we can use for our development, and hope that we can build a framework that can be powered by many XR Developers around the globe by understanding this.

Session highlight :
- XR Use cases and Development flow
- Framework and Library Architecture
- Tips of how to build it and scale it
- Distributing the framework and library
- Collaboration

My linkedin : https://linkedin.com/in/retzd

What's new in Cloud Firestore for an ease development and migrations

Talk Description :

In our day to day of our working time we will always be in touch with something like development of the product of our company, as well as having some migration within our product architecture, wether it is about Deployment, Data Schema, Data Seeding, Data Migration and many more.
In this talk i will talk about how deep the new features of Cloud Firestore can impact our development and migrations for an easier and simpler tasks yet more efficient.
This talk will also cover of how to improve the development and migrations in General Concept, so other developers who does not use Cloud Firestore in their workplace can also take benefit from this talk.

Talk scope :
- I/O'23 Update Introduction
- How the update can impact our work for a better development and migrations
- Example use cases of the implementation
- Live Demo
- Summary

Talk Level : Advanced

What's new in ARCore for geospatial features and tools for a global AR Experience

Here we will understand about how to leverage AR Experience on global scale using Geospatial Features, we will deep dive about the feature improvement and the use case for our daily development in AR/VR.

Talk scope :
- I/O'23 Augmented Reality Update Introduction
- Geospatial Tech Architecture and its Workflow
- How the update can impact our work for a better AR Development
- AR for a Global Scale Games and Experience
- Example use cases and its Implementation
- Demo
- Summary

Level : Advanced
Duration : 30 mins

Other relevant topic last year

GDG Japan I/O'22 Extended
Earth as our Canvas with ARCore Geospatial API

Custom Track Recording with ARCore Recording and Playback API

In this session, with the new updates of ARCore, a feature called Custom Track Recording, is a feature where user can do a recording on an AR session, on one device and replay it on another, where also able to save the record as an MP4 file.

No more a moment where devs have to build and run the app on a test device, disconnect the USB cable, and walk around just to test a small code change. Now devs only need to record the AR data track in the test environment with expected phone movement, and test it right from our desk.

Recording and Playback APIs, one user can record a session using one device, and another can play back the same session on a different device. It's possible to share an AR experience with another user easily.

The secret recipe of reliable AR/VR on Mobile using TWA

In this talk we will get to know how to build a fast performance and lightweight AR/VR Apps that built on top of PWA/TWA Technology that blending Web and Mobile capability

A Brand new way to develop native AR/VR Apps for Oculus using WebXR PWA

It just announced that PWA is available to be distributable on Oculus Store, which means it will be available as a 2D Website inside the VR Space.

But how if there is a way to build a fully AR/VR Apps or Games by using PWA/TWA and make it as a Native App that can be distributable to Oculus Store ?

In this session we will learn about XR Development on AR/VR using Javascript to distribute our Apps or Games into Oculus Platform as a Playable Application.

What's new in Web for Building multiverse website that scale on production

This talk will be about how the tech update of Google I/O'23 for Web impacting how we can build a multiverse website, a website that built on AR/VR concept using microfrontend architecture that deployed on Firebase Multi Site Hosting.

Talk context :
- Google I/O'23 Web update
- Multiverse Web
- Microfrontend Architecture
- XR Website use cases and its performance
- How to deploy to Firebase Multi Site Hosting
- Scaling our web on Production with Firebase
- Demo
- Summary

Talk Level : Advanced
Duration : 45 - 50 mins

Modern Web, AR/VR, Firebase, Google I/O'23

Leverage and Manage Generative AI LLM Model capabilities with Firebase Genkit

This session focuses on the functionalities of Firebase Genkit for effectively managing AI models, particularly in the context of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) utilizing HNSW (Hierarchical Navigable Small World) for efficient retrieval.

Key areas covered:
- Model Management: Learn how Genkit streamlines the process of deploying, monitoring, and updating your AI models, ensuring smooth integration with your applications.
- Debugging Techniques: Uncover debugging tools within Genkit that help identify and troubleshoot issues within your AI models, accelerating development cycles.
- Deployment Strategies: Explore Genkit's capabilities for seamless deployment of your AI models, including serverless options for scalability and efficient resource management.
- RAG with HNSW Implementation: Gain insights into how Genkit facilitates the implementation of RAG, a powerful technique for enhancing generative models. We'll delve into the integration of HNSW for efficient retrieval within the RAG framework.

This session explores advanced functionalities of Firebase Genkit for developers.

Focus: Effective management of AI models, particularly for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) utilizing Hierarchical Navigable Small World (HNSW) for efficient retrieval.

Key Areas:
- Model Management & Deployment
- Debugging Techniques
- RAG with HNSW Implementation

DevFest Brunei 2023 Sessionize Event

December 2023 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2023 Sessionize Event

July 2023 Colombo, Sri Lanka

GDG DevFest UK & Ireland Sessionize Event

January 2022 London, United Kingdom

Global XR Conference Community 2021 Sessionize Event

December 2021

DevFest Sri Lanka 2021 Sessionize Event

November 2021

Surahutomo Aziz Pradana

Google Developer Expert - Firebase | Engineering Lead at Delta Data

Jakarta, Indonesia


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