Rich Benner

Rich Benner

Intermittent blogger, first class eater, database performance tuner

Rich is a database performance tuning expert from the UK.

Current sessions

Making your Emergency DBA Toolkit

You’ve just been given a server that is having problems and you need to diagnose it quickly. This session will take you through designing your own toolkit to help you quickly diagnose a wide array of problems. We will walk through scripts that will help you pinpoint various issues quickly and efficiently. This session will take you through;

- What’s on fire? – These scripts will help you diagnose what’s happening right now
- Specs – What hardware are you dealing with here (you’ll need to know this to make the appropriate decisions)?
- Settings – are the most important settings correct for your workload?
- Bottlenecks – We’ll see if there are any areas of the system that are throttling us.

By the end of this session, you should have the knowledge of what you need to do in order to start on your own kit. This kit is designed to be your lifeline to fix servers quickly and get them working.

All code we’ll go through is either provided as part of this presentation or are open source/community tools.

Jump in to Query Performance

You've been writing queries for a while but you find yourself needing them to run faster, how do you measure them and increase performance?

In this session we'll go through some techniques to give you an idea what's happening inside the SQL Server engine and improve your queries. We'll be going a few topics to give you a understanding on how you can increase performance.

- Execution Plan basics and how to read them
- SET Statistics options and tools
- Some common mistakes to avoid (cursors, scalar functions etc)
- Indexing and how it affects your queries
- SARGability - what it means and why it can make a massive difference

You should leave this session with the ability to analyse your own (and other's) queries and see where you might have performance bottlenecks and fix them!

Get Planning - A Beginners Look at Execution Plans

If you're getting started with query performance you'll be coming along execution plans soon. We'll cover what they are, how to read them, and the most important things we want to be looking at. We'll cover the following concepts;

- Capturing execution plans (live and from the plan cache)
- Estimated vs Actual Plans
- Understanding plan logic and data flow
- Common poorly performing operations
- Using execution plans to troubleshoot

This introductory course should give you a great foundation in reading execution plans and improve your query tuning abilities.