Rishi Sapra

Rishi Sapra

Data Platform MVP | Data & Analytics Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Technology evangelist specialising in Data Visualisation (Power BI) and the Azure data platform

Rishi works as a Senior BI consultant at Altius - a Gold Microsoft Data Platform partner based in London - specialising in Power BI. Prior to this he has spent 10 years in Consulting /Financial Services (Deloitte, HSBC, Barclays, KPMG) and is a qualified accountant with a background in Business modelling and process improvement. He is actively involved in the Power BI Community in London and has presented at Meetup groups and several global conferences

Current sessions

Scenario Modelling in Power BI

Power BI isn’t just a read-only historical view of your data - you can also enter parameters which feed into your model and drive outputs under different scenarios. In this session Rishi will show this process using a simple Power Apps form embedded into Power BI, supported by a basic workflow. This solution is made even more seamless by combining a Direct Query connection to the parameter table with an imported data model on the full dataset, utilising the Composite Model feature of Power BI

Aggregations in Power BI

Learn how to utilise the Aggregations feature in Power BI – fast in-memory tables for viewing data grouped by one or more dimensions, with an automatic switch to Direct Query when drilling down into transaction-level views. The sheer breadth of uses cases to which this can apply, and the performance/power it can bring to your reports is guaranteed to take your breath away!

Storytelling With Data

Based on his article The Art of Storytelling: TED Talks vs Data Visualisation (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/art-storytelling-ted-talks-vs-data-visualisation-sapra-aca-mcsa/), Rishi will walk through the core structure of a gripping story showing how this translates into Power BI using e.g. pre-attentive attributes, presenting data as arguments (Rather than just statements) and providing a ‘so what’ conclusion to the story. He will use real examples from the Power BI data stories gallery to highlight what we can learn about applying these techniques from some of the best data visualisation professionals in the world

Internal & External Sharing in Power BI

Take a comprehensive look at all the options for sharing content with both an internal and external audience, covering everything from Apps to shared datasets to Power BI embedded

Three modes of dataflows

A comprehensive look at Dataflows - how/why you might want to use them and how you can connect them to Azure to move from self-service to Enterprise tooling.

Tips and Tricks for working with Finance Data

Excel has always been the tool of choice for the finance team with the flexibility it provides for logic, formatting and presentation of numbers. But this flexibility has also caused Governance nightmares, performance issues and huge risks with manual processes. Is it possible to also achieve the desired outcomes and flexibility with Power BI whilst also having all the benefits of working in a more controlled, automated and feature-rich environment? Yes!

In this session Rishi will show how you can have your finance cake and eat it, showing how to build dynamically formatted financial statements , waterfall charts and KPIs in Power BI to tell an engaging story with finance data