Ron Ekins

Ron Ekins

Oracle ACE Director // Director, Field Solution Architecture at Pure Storage

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom


Ron is the Director of Field Solution Architecture for EMEA & LATAM at Pure Storage, acting as the primary technical advisor on all Oracle related discussions.

Ron is a Oracle ACE Director and certified Cloud and Enterprise Architect with a background in development, design and delivery of large complex IS projects, Ron has over 30 years experience of data management in highly regulated environments and has a number of US patents filed around data security and governance.

As an active member of the global Oracle community, Ron has been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at industry conferences across the globe including OOW, OCW, DevOPS Pro, KSCOPE, KubeCon, UKOUG, DOAG, APAC, AIOUG, POUG, and many other Oracle User Groups


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Database
  • Linux
  • Kubernetes

Modern Database and infrastructure Observability and Monitoring

It is unclear who orginally said 'If you can't measure it, you can't improve it', but regardless of whoever is credited be it Lord Kelvin, Peter Drucker or Yoda the message still resonates today.

Join this session where we will explore the need for Full Stack Observability and Monitoring, we will compare Monitoring and Observability and discuss the three pilars of Observability and the need for a holistic, metric based approach to manage complex systems.

We will introduce the Prometheus exporter for Oracle and review the of the out-of-the box metrics, and see how we can create some custom metrics and obtain metrics from our supporting infrastructrure.

We will finish the presentaion showing how can troubleshoot performance issues by looking at metrics captured from an Oracle 23c database workload and the supporting infrastructure cab be visualised in custom 'single pain of glass' Grafana dashboard.

Revolutionising Database Deployment with the Oracle Database Operator

In this presentation Ron will introduce Kubernetes, explore core concepts and discuss the need for database operators to simplify the management of databases on Kubernetes clusters.

Ron will walkthrough the installation of the Oracle database operator into a Kubernetes cluster and through live demonstrations, participants will gain a comprehensive insights into deploying Oracle 19c, 21c, and 23ai databases on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), or on-premises Kubernetes clusters.

So you want to run an Oracle Database on Kubernetes

In this presentation Ron will share how we can now deliver Oracle database workloads on a Kubernetes Clusters.
Ron will demonstrate how persistent storage is the key delivering databases on Kubernetes and share code examples to help get attendees started.

Delivering Database-as-a-Service with Kubernetes Operators

In this session Ron will explore how Kubernetes database Operators can be used to deliver database-as-a-service (DaaS). Ron will also share what functionality database administrators require from their database Operators to provide enterprise level support.

S3 Object Storage for your MySQL databases ?

More and more applications are using S3 Object Storage, but what about databases ? Join this session where will discuss how the MySQL database can use S3 Object Storage. We will look at common database administrator activities including loading and dumping data, performing database backups and recoveries and protecting database backups from ransomware protection.

More than Block - using NFS and fast Object Storage with Oracle Database 23c

In recent years we have seen an explosion in data, with the biggest growth being unstructured data due to an ever increasing amount of machine generated data being created. Data growth, longer retention periods and data protection requirements all challenge the way we store and manage our data.

Join this session where we will explore how Oracle Database 23c can utilise traditional block storage, NFS, Oracle dNFS, and fast Object Storage. We will discuss each storage option, and consider how they can be used, connectivity, requirements, and a benefits of the differing approaches.

Guardians of the Data - Protecting Oracle Backups from Ransomware and Malicious Intent

As database professionals we are the custodians of our organisations data and the event of any data related issue are usually one of the first Data Heroes on the scene.

As Guardians of the Data we need to constantly review and reduce our exposure to malware and other threats, by adopting a multi-level approach to data protection we can give ourselves the best possible protection.

In this presentation I will discuss the need for a multi-layered approach and share some of the steps we can take to protect our backups from ransomware attacks and malicious intent.

I will share code and examples of the steps need to avoid becoming headline news across the globe.

Six reasons why you should speak to your storage administrator

We have seen a lot of innovation with storage solutions within reason times, but many DBAs and Developers are unaware of how these changes be used to make their life better.

Join Oracle ACE Director Ron Ekins where he will share 6 reasons why you speak to your storage admin, learn how modern storage can be used to improve quality, accelerate projects, enhance data protection and by the end of this session hopefully love your storage platform.

Slow is the New Down: Why Fast, Reliable, Secure Storage Is Key!

In today’s reality, every IT organization company is a software development company. Often ignored in the equation for rapid development efforts is the storage tier: put simply, fast, scalable, and secure storage is crucial to success. Yet another part of reality is the ever-present threat of ransomware attacks; should one succeed, application performance, business continuity, and data integrity are just a few of the elements that will be affected.

Join Ron as he leverage his personal experience to highlight common risks for database storage tiers and discuss how modern storage solutions keep databases and their applications DBs speedy, healthy, and protected against exploitation.

Getting started with Oracle on Kubernetes

In this presentation Ron will introduce Kubernetes and explore the benefits of deploying databases in containers. Ron will discuss why databases and stateful applications need to be treated differently to traditional stateless containers and explain how Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI) be used used to this, sharing code examples. Ron will also include a demonstrate showing how you can deploy an Oracle database on a Kubernetes Cluster

Ron Ekins

Oracle ACE Director // Director, Field Solution Architecture at Pure Storage

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom


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