Roy Martin

Information & Communications Technology

Business & Management

Portland, Oregon, United States

Roy Martin

Technical Leader | Passionate about building, growing and mentoring teams with the latest methods and technology

I’m a hands-on strategic leader in software and web development with more than a decade of experience, including work as the founder of a digital advertising agency and digital product agency.

I pride myself on leading by example and being an approachable mentor and coach who is able to work with team members at all levels to unlock potential and drive toward personal and business goals.

Throughout my career, I’ve been the architect for innovative technical solutions and I’m skilled at interpreting business requirements. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and contribute to the success of a project and see it through to completion. I also work collaboratively to build profitable companies from the ground up and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.

Current sessions

Dive Head First into Headless

We'll dive deep into strategies for building React / Gatsby applications with Headless CMS's such as WordPress / Drupal with the Gutenberg editor and Contentful. This will follow the following format:

* Wade in the shallow end - First we'll wade in the shallow end and understand the landscape and the frameworks. This will give everyone a good understanding before the venture deeper.
* Swim with the fish - We'll talk through the architecture and design challenges that go along with headless implementations.
*Dive deep - Finally we'll dive deep into the best practices and avoid any challenges that could weigh us down from lessons learned.

All this will help us keep a float and ensure that we can all have that Aloha spirit when it comes to Headless development.