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Ruchika Avinash Mohite

Digital Marketing Strategist at QED42

I am Ruchika, and I have been a Drupal user and editor for the past 5 years. I am the Digital Marketing Strategist at QED42

Current sessions

Upgrade your digital experience management with an untethered content authoring experience

For decades businesses across all industries are demanding a truly scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution for creating and managing their digital experiences.
The pandemic has pushed businesses across different industries to re-think their digital experiences. Digital experiences revolve around content, and to date, the content authoring experience is tethered with numerous dependencies.
Content is still not free!
In this session, we will share how we enhanced Drupal’s Paragraphs module to create a Layout Builder-esque drag and drop UI to create flexible web pages.
Our visual page builder addresses the pain points of content editors and marketers by delivering an intuitive UI that prompts the editor to effortlessly select and add required components. The pre-defined component library eliminates developer dependency, presenting the content editors with the power to create multiple variations from a single component. It also offers real-time previews for content editors.

The pandemic has changed how we build brands. Marketers are constantly feeling the strain of keeping up with the rapidly evolving business demands and delivering contextualized experiences to their audience via content.

We will demonstrate how our intuitive and easy-to-use page-building experience enables designers, content creators, and marketers, be truly independent and agile.