Russ Basiura

Russ Basiura

Turning Executives into Microsoft Teams Champions that Drive Adoption into Business Outcomes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Without teamwork, you are left with chaos!

Throughout my career, I have been responsible for leading teams of all sizes from smaller technical teams inside my own practice to cross-company and multi-national collaborations involving hundreds of team members. Enabling communication, collaboration, teamwork and providing training are critical success factors. Having access to a user-friendly suite of productivity tools that all team members have been trained to use has consistently risen to the top as an enabling factor. Specifically, I've seen that projects, where team members are using Microsoft Office 365 which includes Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, have a greater chance of success.

I am passionate about helping clients leverage the most convenient, user-friendly cloud-based suite of productivity tools. I bring nearly 20 years of experience working in multi-national companies deploying Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. I have seen companies that have been fabulously successful and unfortunately, I've seen some fail miserably. The patterns for what works and what doesn't are almost always the same. I am an expert in building enthusiasm and ensuring success while navigating the potholes that cause failures.

My extensive experience with FORTUNE 500 companies, clients, customers & vendors include:


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Trusted CEO CIO Advisor for Digital Business Transformation and new technologies changing the way companies work in the Modern Workplace.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Digital Workplace
  • Digital Transformation
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Office 365 Office 365 Governance Microsoft Teams SharePoint
  • modern workplace
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint Administration
  • SharePoint modern pages
  • SharePoint modern web parts
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint Office 365 SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • Collaboration
  • OneDrive Collaboration Office 365
  • Office 365 SharePoint Productivity
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SharePoint Server

Viva Topics for the Knowledge Manager

With Microsoft Viva, businesses can empower their employees by giving them great experiences that put knowledge to work and connect them to experts.

With Viva Topics in Microsoft Teams experience how Viva Topics provides employees an instant summary of it. We will walk through the process of building Viva Topic cards that lists key documents and top subject matter experts.

No searching, no ap switching, the information finds employees in the apps they use every day.

Viva Learning - Take the Viva Learning Journey!!

Viva is about learning to learn faster inside your organization. During this demo-rich session, we will take a journey through the Microsoft Viva Learning module. We will explore what it means to learn while you work and how Viva exposes content to the end-user enabling them to be more effective and productive. We will also discuss the 3rd party integration options that are available including Microsoft Learning Pathways.

We will also cover the differences between Viva Learning for Employees and Viva Learning for Managers and what they will mean to your company as you begin the Microsoft Viva Journey.

Connect Your Company with Viva Connections!!

We will check out the new Home Site App for Teams and How it can be used to pull your SharePoint intranet into Microsoft Teams.
See how it will help you
- Connect home site app appears on left rail at top.
- Connection to your intranet
- Connection to news
- combines with Yammer communities.
- includes Yammer stories

An Introduction to Viva Insights

Join me as we experience how Microsoft Viva Insights can help improve the well-being of your employees We will cover Insights
workplace analytics and well-being, virtual commute, and Headspace.

7 Applications for Engaging Firstline workers to Drive Adoption and ROI

In this session, I'll share 7 key applications that you can use to engage your first-line workers. I'll demo each application and help walk you thru what you'll need to do to use them at your company to drive adoption and Return on Investment.

How to host a Digital event with Microsoft Teams Live Events

In this live session I will share insights from my experience hosting large virtual conferences using Microsoft Teams Live Events. We will discuss best practices regarding mixing audio, multiple cams and remote (outside) recording. We will look at how to use OBS with Live Event to deliver a more engaging experience for your attendees, speakers and sponsors.

Russ Basiura

Turning Executives into Microsoft Teams Champions that Drive Adoption into Business Outcomes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States