Ryan Mangan

Ryan Mangan

Cloud and EUC Technologist, Author, Technical Blogger

York, United Kingdom

Ryan is an end-user computing (EUC) specialist & Cloud technologist. An author, speaker and presenter, who has helped many customers and technical communities with Infrastructure and end-user computing solutions.

Ryan works for appCURE as the CTO helping solve the industry application challenge. You can find out more @ www.appCURE.io

Ryans Awards and Contributions:

• Microsoft Most valuable Professional 2021
• Chartered IT Professional (CITP)
• Fellow of the British Computer Society (Chartered Institute of IT)
• VMware vExpert******* eight years running
• VMware vExpert EUC 2021
• VMware vExpert Desktop hypervisor 2021
• Parallels RAS VIPP
• LoginVSI Technology Advocate 2019/2020
• Technical person of the year 2017 KEMP Technologies
• Parallels RAS EMEA Technical Champion 2018
• Microsoft Community Speaker
• Top 50 IT Blogs 2020 – Feedspot
• Top 50 Azure Blogs 2020 – Feedspot

- Quickstart guide to Azure Virtual Desktop
- Azure Virtual Desktop Migration Guides for (1) Citrix, and (2) VMware
- Azure Virtual Desktop Technical Handbook series (applications & Disaster Recovery)

- An Introduction to MSIX App Attach
- Mastering Azure Virtual Desktop


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • application packaging
  • application delivery
  • Azure
  • VMware
  • Windows 10
  • WVD
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • EUC
  • MSIX App attach
  • Office 365
  • AVD
  • Windows 365
  • windows 11
  • Windows Autopilot
  • Windows Client
  • WinAutomation
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Secuirty
  • Virtualisation
  • Azure Virtual Desktops
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • MSIX
  • MSI
  • VMware Horizon
  • VMware App Volumes
  • VMware App Vols
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Microsoft (Azure) Network Services
  • Winget
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft (Azure) Compute
  • Microsoft (Azure) Hybrid & Integration
  • Microsoft (Azure) Virtual Desktop
  • VB.NET
  • C#
  • C++

What are my application delivery options with AVD

This session discusses the application delivery options available to you when you are considering Azure Virtual Desktop.

Securing Your Organisation's applications for the future

This session provides a deep dive into MSIX (lessons from the field). The session starts by looking at the history of applications and technology changes Microsoft introduced over the years. We then take a look at MSIX and how this technology will shape the future of application delivery and secuirty. Next, I discuss the pros and cons, including the use of the package support framework and a little myth-busting on the topic of MSIX adoption. Finally, we look at how to create MSIX packages and how to migrate from app-v and other package formats.

The ongoing Windows application challenge

This session discusses the shift from on-premises to cloud technology and how the deployment of infrastructure has accelerated. What took months/years now takes days/months.

The industry may have cracked the scalable infrastructure challenge but what about the apps. What are the common application challenges organisations face when looking at workspace and application modernization projects.

Migrating Your RDS Environment to Azure Virtual Desktop

This session provides an in-depth walkthrough of the pre-requests, considerations and the processes you should follow when planning, preparing and migrating from RDS to Azure Virtual Desktop.

Preparing for the Az140 Exam

In this session, I will walk you through everything you need to prepare for when getting ready to take the Azure Virtual Desktop AZ140 exam.

We look at the five core areas:
- Plan an Azure Virtual Desktop architecture
- Implement an Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure
- Manage access and security
- Manage user environments and apps
- Monitor and maintain an Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure

At the end of the session, you will have a deeper understanding of the exam requirements, the content available to help revise, practise resources as well as some hints and tips when preparing and taking the exam.

Using App File Containers to deliver apps

In this deep dive session, we take a look at the benefits of delivering applications using app file containers. We will also cover some examples on when to use App File Containers as well as technical demonstrations of how to prepare and use App File containers within Azure Virtual Desktop.

Customising your AVD Master Image

In this session, dive into the subject of master image creation also known as a gold image. We walk through the pre-requisites. considerations and best practices. We look at the pros and cons, field experience and finish off the session with a technical demonstration providing a show and tell discussing some of the optimisations and tuning you can complete on an Azure Virtual Desktop Image.

Technical Deep Dive of MSIX App attach - in Azure Virtual Desktop

A deep dive session into Azure Virtual Desktop application delivery using MSIX app attach. Start to finish what you need to do to setup MSIX app attach in Azure Virtual Desktop as well as how to deliver apps following best practice and from the field experience.

This session includes the following technical topics:
MSIX app attach
FSLogix File app Containers
Azure Files
Azure Netapp files
Azure RBAC

Modernise your application with MSIX

The “Modernise your application with MSIX” session will detail the new packaging capabilities of MSIX and the benefits to enterprises in terms of modernising app deployment processes and staying current with Windows, app Management and compliance. MSIX provides an enterprise-class installer with benefits for line of business (LOB) apps and distribution within your enterprise using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, System Center Configuration Manager and others. This session will cover both the benefits and the real-world challenges of migrating applications to the MSIX packaging format and how an enterprise can get started with MSIX as a technology.

Using Network Virtual Appliances with Windows Virtual Desktop

Do you want to enhance security, offer local breakout with content filtering, and provide standardisation across hybrid environments? In this session I will cover the end-to-end process of deploying a Network Virtual Appliance, configuring the rules required for Azure and WVD and finish off with deploying Windows Virtual Desktop on a NVA VNET.

In this session you will learn:

• Learn How to quickly deploy a NVA to Microsoft Azure
• Configure the NVA for use with Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop.
• Deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop session host pool in within a Vnet using a Network virtual Appliance.
• Summarize the key benefits of using a NVA with Windows Virtual Desktop.

In this session, I will summarise the benefits of deploying a NVA to a VNET and the associated benefits with using with Windows Virtual Desktop. I will then provide a technical demo of deploying a NVA on Microsoft Azure and summarise the rules and policies required before deploying a Session Host Pool on the NVA VNET. I will then finish off with a summary of what was covered in the session.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to summarise the benefits of using a NVA with Windows Virtual Desktop as well as the requirements and required configuration to get started.

The Impact of not selecting the right Azure VM Size for Windows Virtual Desktop

Do you have complaints that your session hosts are sluggish, and users are struggling to carry out common tasks? This session dives into the details of the different types of Azure Size as well as the pros and cons. The Session will also cover real-life examples and the selection of the best VM Sizes to use with Windows Virtual Desktop.

In this session, you will learn:

• The different types of VM size, CPU and general features.
• We will discuss options to turbocharge your WVD environment.
• A demo of a User experience test between two different Azure sizes.

At the end of this session, be able to summarise the benefits of user experience testing and be able to select an appropriate VM type/size for your WVD environment.

Security Top Tips for AVD

This session looks at some of the AVD security risks in today's world as well as what you should do to reduce and mitigate them.

We look at the perimeter first where we discuss VPN, Azure Firewall and Network Virtual Appliances.

We glance over Azure Security Center and Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Finally, we will finish off with Session Host Hardening Tips and a demo showing Mimikatz extracting Session usernames and passwords. I will cover tips on how to reduce the risk of #Credgrabbing.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BCDR) options for Azure Virtual Desktop

This Session covers all the things a Azure Virtual Desktop IT admin needs to know about Disaster recovery and Business Continuity.

In this session attendees about the following WVD Disaster recovery areas
- Networking
- Virtual Machines
- Managing Identities
- Shared Image Galleries
- FSLogix Profile Containers
- FSLogix Cloud Cache
- MSIX app attach

The session will start discussing the differences between Traditional Disaster recovery vs cloud VDI Disaster recovery options. We then cover the benefits of implementing disaster recovery features and functions to Windows Virtual Desktop. I then run though the core areas Networking, Virtual Machines, Managing Identities, shared image galleries, FSLogix profile containers and MSIX app attach. The session will finish off summarising what was covered as well as some hints and tips.

MSIX App Attach - Masterclass

This session Dives into the world of attaching applications Dynamically to an Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

In this master class session, we look at the setup, configuration, best practices to deliver a successful production MSIX App attach Implementation.

This session is a not to be missed Technical deep-dive.

Application Delivery with MSIX App Attach

Stop struggling with traditional application delivery methods and take full advantage of MSIX App Attach, the future of Dynamic Application Delivery.

In this session you will learn:

• The difference between traditional and dynamic application delivery techniques.
• An Introduction into MSIX
• An Introduction into MSIX App Attach
• Learn how to prepare, Create, Deploy MSIX images ready for deployment using MSIX App Attach to Azure Virtual Desktop.
• The future of Selfservice Application Delivery

In this session, I will summarise traditional application delivery methods and practices and briefly discuss the future using Microsoft Endpoint Manager and MSIX as the future de facto packaging format. I will provide an introduction to the MSIX packaging format and discuss the benefits and challenges associated. The session then moves on to then provide an introduction into MSIX App Attach leading into a technical deep dive detailing how to create, package and deliver MSIX images to Azure Virtual Desktop environments.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to summarise the differences between traditional and modern application delivery methods, describe the benefits and challenges associated with an MSIX. As well as Prepare and deploy MSIX App Attach to an Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

Benchmarking Windows365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

This session looks at performance and consolidation benchmarks completed on Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.

The session's objective is to show you some real-life benchmarks and to provide

In this session, we look at the performance metrics and outputs from benchmarking both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365.

We also look at the comparative of Optimisation for both performance and consolidation.

We finish off with some optimisation and configuration tips to get the best out of Azure Virtual Desktop / Windows 365

A quick-start guide to Windows Virtual Desktop

Getting ready to start your Windows Virtual Desktop Journey, with this session, I break down the pre-requisites and implementation into simple learning blocks.

In this session you will learn:

• Plan for a successful deployment of Windows Virtual Desktop.
• Learn how to Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop for the first time.
• Learn how to configure FSLogix Profile Containers for your WVD Environment
• How to troubleshoot as well as some tips and best practice.

In this session, I will provide a step by step guide of how to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop. we first start with describing the pre-requisites, and then move into a full demo of deploying Windows Virtual Desktop ready for use. I will then finish off with configuring FSLogix profile containers and discuss troubleshooting as well as best practice for Windows Virtual Desktop.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to deploy a simple Windows Virtual Desktop and Setup FSLogix Profile containers.

South Coast Summit 2022 Upcoming

October 2022 Southampton, United Kingdom

Experts Live Netherlands 2022

September 2022 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

WorkPlace Ninja Summit 2022

September 2022 Luzern, Switzerland

Azure Back to School 2022

September 2022

AVD Tech Fest 2022 - Live in Amsterdam

April 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands

UK Azure Virtual Desktop User Group

Ryan Mangan - Demystifying the core principles of blogger and authoring

April 2022 Leeds, United Kingdom

UK Azure Virtual Desktop User Group December Meeting

MSIX Packaging and how to deliver to endpoint manager and AVD

December 2021 Leeds, United Kingdom

HTMD Conference 2021

November 2021

VMworld 2021 - Intro to VMware App Volumes

Quick start guide to packaging applications ready for use with VMware app volumes.

October 2021

Azure Virtual Desktop User group - performance and benchmarking for Cloud PC and AVD

Presentation on the performance and benchmarking for Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop

September 2021

Welsh Azure User Group

Application Delivery with MSIX app attach

July 2021

MSIX App Attach meet the experts

A community Event discussing what you can do With MSIX app attach within Azure Virtual Desktop and outside on other platforms like VMware and Citrix.

May 2021

Xenappblog.com Virtual expo

MSIX app attach in the wild - : In this session, I will provide a deep dive into what MSIX app attach is (Dynamic Application Delivery (DAD). I will also cover Deployment options inside and outside Windows Virtual Desktop. An introduction to CimFS, what it is, how to manage CimFS (including some community tools) and the performance metrics/benefits. I will finish the session off with some of the options available today to deliver MSIX app attach to WVD, VMware Horizon Cloud, and Citrix Cloud. This presentation is a mixture of slides and demos.

March 2021

Dynamic Application Delivery – MSIX and app attach Updates, Demos and Implementation in Citrix Cloud

Dynamic Application Delivery - MSIX and app attach Updates, Demos and Implementation in Citrix Cloud - Ryan Mangan

March 2021

WVDFest - MSIX App attach

In this presentation, I will summarize the benefits of using MSIX App Attach. I will demonstrate the packaging of a MSIX and provide some hints and tips to get round some of the common challenges associated when packaging applications. Then finish off with delivering the final MSIX image to Windows Virtual Desktop. Content covered: Summary overview of MSIX Creating a MSIX Challenges associated and hints and tips. Creating a MSIX image. Deploying to WVD. Content covered: Summary overview of MSIX Creating a MSIX Challenges associated and hints and tips. Creating a MSIX image. Deploying to WVD.

February 2021

WVD Community (WVD User Group Presentation) Parallels RAS v18 – Thursday, February 4, 2021

Presentation on the new version of parallels RAS v18

February 2021

WVD German User Group 16th of December 2020

MSIX App Attach (Die Zukunft Dynamishcer App Bereitstellung MSIX app attach

December 2020

Microsoft Meets Community 3rd (XXL) Edition Event. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BCDR)

Microsoft Meets Community 3rd (XXL) Edition Event. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (BCDR) options for Windows Virtual Desktop

December 2020

Scaling Remote Desktop Services Rapidly

Join RDS Expert, Ryan Mangan for an introduction to MS Remote Desktop Services 2019 and discover the benefits of using Microsoft’s native remote access/virtual desktop technology. Ryan will also provide an insight into high availability and the requirements to create a scalable highly available Remote Desktop Solution and the benefits of deploying load balancers in conjunction with Remote Desktop Services to provide an always-on experience.

May 2020

Leeds Microsoft 365 User Group 22nd of January 2020 - Demystifying the Myths of WVD

Demystifying the Myths of Windows Virtual Desktop

A presentation to introduce Windows Virtual Desktop, Myths, things to consider and importantly summarise the true operating Azure costs. The purpose is to provide transparency on cost and the key benefits of using a “Cloud Modernised Workspace” like windows Virtual Desktop.

January 2020

VMworld 2019 - Getting started with KEMP's Loadmaster on VMware: Ryan Mangan

A introduction into using KEMP Loadmaster's within a VMware environment. Understand the fundamentals of deploying a Kemp and settings to ensure a successful deployment

November 2019

VMworld 2018 Ryan Mangan - Optimising And Tuning Windows 10 Using VMware Horizon 7

Learn how to tune and optimise VMware Horizon 7 to get the most out of your VDI Environment. Including the considerations for Migrating from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 .

November 2018

Ryan Mangan

Cloud and EUC Technologist, Author, Technical Blogger

York, United Kingdom