Ryan Riley

Ryan Riley

Tachyus and Community for F#

Ryan Riley is a programmer for Tachyus building a web platform for oil producers using F# and TypeScript. He also leads the Community for F# and contributes to several open source projects.

Current sessions

Blazing New Trails with Web Assembly and F#

A look at building F# browser-based applications with F# and Web Assembly using ASP.NET Blazor.

The Agony and the Ecstasy of F# Scripting

Discover the wonderful world of F# scripting, including its agonies and ecstasies. We'll work through building a simple application starting with a script and moving to the relevant library and test projects and discuss strategies for managing app settings and connection strings, as well as how to access command line arguments.

Extending F# Through Computation Expressions

People often want to extend their programming language to make it more useful. F#'s computation expressions and custom operators provide the capability for F#. We'll look at examples ranging from the built-in query to FSharp.Control.Reactive and Freya to better understand what's possible and how to leverage the feature for your own domains.

Designing Hypermedia Applications with Capabilities

Learn to apply hypermedia in order to enhance security and expose the minimal information necessary for multiple parties to interact in the context of a web application using F# and .NET.