Azure Data Factory and ChatGPT

By integrating ChatGPT into Azure Data Factory, users can ask questions, request specific data sets, and receive relevant insights in a conversational manner. ChatGPT can understand the user's intent, process their queries, and retrieve the required data from the connected sources. It can also provide visualizations, summaries, or statistical analysis based on the data, allowing users to gain deeper insights without needing to have technical expertise in data manipulation.

In this session, we will see how to integrate both together and achieve business outcome very quickly and very easily

We are going to use following Azure Services:
Azure Data Factory
Azure Key Vault
Azure SQL
Azure Storage

We are using retain database and asking following questions:
Forecasting and Predictive Analysis:

"Predict the expected sales for the next quarter based on historical data."

"What is the projected customer demand for a particular product in the upcoming months?"

"Forecast the potential impact of a price change on sales volume."

Alpa Buddhabhatti

Microsoft Data MVP, MCT, Azure Data Engineer

London, United Kingdom


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