Azure Data Factory for Absolutely beginner!!

In this Training day, We will see Azure Data Factory overview. Later on we will see Azure Data Factory Tour.

We will see following task:
1. Create a pipeline
2. Debug a pipeline
3. Set up GitRepo
4. Create a Trigger & Trigger Pipeline
5. Quick overview of Parameterization, Variables and Global Parameters.
6. Create a Dynamic Pipeline with Use Case
7. Create a pipeline to Call rest API and store result to Azure SQL
8. Create a pipeline to call http server and store result o Azure Storage Table
8. We will see How to integrate ADF with other Azure Services such as Azure Functions , Azure Logic Apps etc
9. Quick overview of ADF CICD
10 Azure Data Factory Tips and Tricks

We will see following technology:
1. Azure Data Factory
2. Azure Key Vault
3. Azure Blob Storage
4. Azure SQL Database
5. Azure Functions
6. Azure Logic Apps

We will see following file formats:
1. XML
2. Csv
3. Json

Attendees will leave with Azure Data Factory knowledge from zero to intermediate level

Alpa Buddhabhatti

Microsoft Data MVP, MCT, Azure Data Engineer

London, United Kingdom


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