Real world project for Data Project using ADF

Real world project for Data Engineers using Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL, Data Lake, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, CICD & DP203

In this day, we will see quick overview of Azure data factory. Later on we sees series of demos having real work use cases.

We will cover following topics:
1.Dynamic pipelines.
2.Processing a complex XML file and store result into Azure SQL Tables
3. Move .zip file from local machine to Azure Blob Storage and process file and prepare data for further process using Mapping data flow
4. Calling Rest API with global parameters and storing result to Azure SQL table
5.Reading data from xml file and preparing a flat fixed length file
6. Top 10 tips and tricks of Azure Data Factory.

We will also learn how to debug & test data pipeline. Also we set up git repo. Further more, we will see some performance tips

Attendees will leave with Code Repo, ADF knowledge, Presentation and some ideas to use ADF in their Domain.

Alpa Buddhabhatti

Microsoft Data MVP, MCT, Azure Data Engineer

London, United Kingdom


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