The gender pay gap is real!

The data platform technologies are changing at a very fast pace, over the time more women are joining the data platform workforce, however many external barriers are still a constant factor especially gender bias and pay inequality.
Women working full time in the U.S. are still paid just 83 cents to every dollar earned by men — and the consequences of this gap affect women throughout their lives. The pay gap even follows women into retirement: As a result of lower lifetime earnings, they receive less in Social Security and pensions. The wage offered to women for tech jobs in the UK is 2.8% less than offered to male counterparts.
The gender pay gap in tech is real, we need to learn what we can all do to address these challenges.
Surbhi and Alpa are two accomplished data professionals who have also faced these external barriers (gender bias, gender pay gap, micro aggressions) to internal barriers (self doubt, impostor syndrome, fear of failure, and more). In this informal discussion Surbhi and Alpa would share their experience around pay inequality and some actions that helped them to overcome this barrier.

Alpa Buddhabhatti

Microsoft Data MVP, MCT, Azure Data Engineer

London, United Kingdom


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