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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

How to quantify user experience, tools for the measurement and modelling of a user experience.

This session would enabled user experience designers understand, how to find out, how good is the user experience of their product as perceived by the user. Did the new version of your product improved the usability for the user, if so then how much did the user benefit from it. Listening to user feedback through reviews, questionnaires, survey and social media, and mapping it to create a model that predict ahead the impact on user experience by the product related changes. We will discuss some examples, how creators of good products, listen to customer feedback on UX.

User feedback is something that can't be neglected and listening to it carefully and using it to improve the product can play an important role and it can also be used to identify which feature set should be shipped to the users in the next generation of the product. This also leads to

Arif Imran

Senior Xamarin Developer at ApexChat, Technical Evangelist, Xamarin Advocate.

First introduced to Xamarin Development in early 2016, when Xamarin was not even under Microsoft umbrella, Studied at Xamarin University and Crowned as a Xamarin Certified Mobile App Developer in 2016 and 2017. Since then, i have fallen in love with Xamarin and have been making awesome apps with Xamarin for a living since last 4 years. I have pledged my allegiance to the MVVM Pattern in mobile apps and also a strong advocate of Dependency Injection, Automated UI Testing, Prism and MVVMCross. (company) (Xamarin Dev Connect Profile)

I am dedicated to make significant contribution to the Xamarin community and enabling developers learn more about Cross platform mobile apps and groom myself around the same along the way. I aim to achieve a strong portfolio of 5 star apps built with Xamarin and also helping the community achieve the same. I do this because, I have been often pitched by the idea, that the cross-platform mobile development has proven to be more time-consuming and cost-ineffective than developing both apps native, but i negate the idea pushing the thought that it is important to pursue Cross Platform Mobile Development with strong research, learning and training and only then you can make it work.

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