Data Engineering at Scale: An Azure SQL Data Warehouse Performance Guide

the cloud, provides a blazing fast, petabyte-scale system that can handle your most demanding analytical workloads with ease. SQL Data Warehouse takes advantage of the latest Azure hardware technology delivering up to 100x performance boosts on customer workloads. In short, Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a SQL analytics beast!

But how do you make the most of all that power? What do you need to do differently to a traditional server? What's this "Compute Optimised" tier that Microsoft keep talking about?

This session will take you through some of the internal workings of the SQLDW architecture options, share some common design patterns for data warehousing and look at some performance optimisation problems, all based on experience drawn from several large-scale, real-world SQLDW projects for some of the WA’s and India largest Azure users.

B V S N Anjaneyulu Reddy G

Consultant & Solution Architect, Azure Data Platform

Hyderābād, India

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