Starting an Allyship Journey

As someone that has been in my field for over two decades, it's hard not to notice that many of my coworkers have looked like me. Having diverse teams means we can more effectively learn from each other. Everyone has a different point of view, and by recognizing that and embracing it, we can drive creativity, innovation, productivity, performance, and personal relationships.

Learning about different cultures, races, genders and lifestyles makes me thankful for the opportunities I've had. I've also learned to recognize the challenges others face.

I choose to be an ally; a person who makes an intentional decision to understand, empathize, and act in support of others. Diversity and Inclusion happens one person at a time. Change happens one person at a time. Let's talk about taking those first steps.

- Why Me?
- How do I get started?
- Unconscious Bias
- What is Covering?
- What is Allyship?

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer @ Microsoft

Tampa, Florida, United States


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