The Power of Dev Containers and GitHub Codespaces

Dive into the future of software development with our session on Dev Containers and GitHub Codespaces. Dev Containers bring reproducibility and consistency across any platform with Docker, simplifying project onboarding and setup. GitHub Codespaces takes this a step further, offering scalable, cloud-hosted development environments, accessible from anywhere.

In this session, you'll gain insights into:
Dev Containers Fundamentals: Understand their role in creating consistent development environments.
GitHub Codespaces Integration: Explore how Codespaces enhances Dev Containers, providing flexible, cloud-based development.
Practical Implementation: Learn to configure Dev Containers for your projects, including tool installation, VS Code extensions, port forwarding, and software setup.
Maximizing Codespaces: Discover how to customize Codespaces for remote development efficiency.

Join us to embrace these cutting-edge tools, transforming your development process and team collaboration.

Dev Containers currently require:
VS Code
VS Code Dev Containers extension
Codespaces require:
a browser

Chris Ayers

Senior Customer Engineer @ Microsoft

Tampa, Florida, United States


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