A SQL primer for the casual DB developer

Every developer needs to handle data every now and then, from simple CSV and JSON files to data stored in a relational database system which usually understands the 'Structured Query Language', for short SQL. This session offers an intro to the most basic/most important SQL commands.

For starters, we'll make sense out of some more three letter acronyms, like DDL, DML, DQL etc. From creating and dropping database objects to ingesting, manipulating and retrieving data, you'll learn when to use which commands and options. We will not spare out Joins and aggregate functions, so you can really make sense of it all.

For the demos we will use the Microsoft SQL Server, which offers freely available editions (Express and Developer) so you can practice without incurring costs.

60 or 90 mins

Thomas Hütter

Explorer of Things

Brüggen, Germany

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