Data profiling done right from the start

This presentation gives an overview of what Data Profiling is about (spoiler: determining and possibly improving the consistency and plausibility of your data) and how it relates to terms as Data Quality and Data Governance. We'll even touch on Master Data Management and Database Normalization.

Why you need them and how you can save time and money by applying profiling techniques early in your processes, gaining benefits for the downstream use of your data. And we'll see which properties of your data to assess and learn some tools that you might or might not be aware are suitable for these tasks.

Key take-aways:
- How will your Data Quality improve by using Data Profiling techniques.
- How can the downstream processes profit from applying Data Profiling early.
- Which properties of your data to assess for optimum results.

Slides only/20 mins

Thomas Hütter

Explorer of Things

Brüggen, Germany

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