Edwige Seminara

Information & Communications Technology

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Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Feedback: how I survived for 10 years in the world of software and IT consulting companies

During this session, I will share with you what I experienced during the 10 years I spent in the world of software and IT consulting companies. This story begins on September 1st 2009, the day I started as a trainee in a small software enginering services company. From dev to technical lead, passing through the project manager's box, we will briefly see the main milestones of my progression. But we'll mostly focus on the many anecdotes from firefighter missions to risky projects with high added value :). This session will present the main flaws that I have identified and will eventually provide some recommendations. Finally, we will see how the story ended on May 6, 2019.

Edwige Seminara

Engineering Manager, Microsoft MVP Artificial Intelligence

Edwige is a software engineer working as an engineering manager. After 10 years on a technical side, she decided to use her knowledge to to focus on management and help teams to grow up in a good way (e.g without pain). As an Artificial Intelligence Microsoft MVP, she is always happy to share her knowledge with communities and deliver talks. Edwige is also involved and committed to diversity causes and perspectives in order to contribute to build an inclusive world for everyone.

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