Why You Should Be Standing Here: Learning to Present a Session

You should know how to present a session. In fact, you should be standing up on the stage where I will be standing while presenting this session. It's not about becoming an industry expert, an MVP or an AWS Community Builder. No, it's about learning how to take an idea to your management team and convince them that you can help the business. It's about teaching new techniques to your peers. It's about expanding your own knowledge on a topic as you prepare a session, present it, and then answer questions. There are very good, career driven, reasons for you to learn to present.

This session will go over how to put together a session. From choosing meaningful titles to putting together abstracts, you'll get the information you need to get started. We'll discuss how to build the slides, demonstrations, and more. You'll learn about how to rehearse to get ready for your session. Finally, we'll cover actually giving the session, handling questions, hecklers and other points.

You should be standing at the front of the room, giving your own session. Please, come here, learn why, and learn how. It will help you in your career.

Grant Fritchey

Redgate Software

Sapulpa, Oklahoma, United States

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