Is OneDrive really Enterprise ready?

The Microsoft Developers of the Next Generation Sync Client have done a good job with OneDrive.exe creating several Group Policies. This session will explain, which hurdles are still to be overcome, to ensure a successful roll out of OneDrive with Windows 10, so that it does not end up with: “Imagine, we rolled out OneDrive, and no one is using it.”
- Restrictions (Groove.exe vs OneDrive.exe)
- OneDrive Group Policies
- Disable OneDrive (Consumer)
- Automatically Connect to OneDrive for Business
- Connect to different libraries on SharePoint Online
- Connect to SharePoint Server 2019
- KFM (Known Folder Move)
- Windows 10 Storage Sense
- 9 Policies you should use
- Why and how we have to tell the users
- Tips and Tricks
- Live Demo

Hans Brender

MVP M365 Apps and Services

Aalen, Germany

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