Need a hybrid Identity? You can't just simply deploy Azure AD Connect

Any business with Active Directory on-premises that want to start using functionality like co-managment, Intune, Autopilot Hybrid Join or Exchange online among many other things need a Azure AD Hybrid Identity. Azure AD Connect sync is still the best option for customers having Hybrid Identity. Even though Microsoft now has come out with Cloud Provisioning there many scenarios that is not supported with that yet. There are also many dependencies to plan and design for when you get started on this path. This session will go deep into what is needed for a solid setup of AAD Hybrid Identity along with dependencies to Exchange, ConfigMgr/Intune and Windows 10.
* Azure AD Connect Sync vs Cloud Provisioning
* Windows 10 Hybrid AD Join
* Authentication and Password with Hybrid Identity
* Hybrid Exchange - Why do we need it and how
* Some hard learnings and experiences from customer implementations

Jan Ketil Skanke

MVP Enterprise Mobility, MVP Security, Partner CloudWay

Oslo, Norway

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