Jesse Loudon

Information & Communications Technology

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Bicep builders: Azure Sentinel and Policy as Code

This joint video session from Jesse Loudon and Casey Mullineaux demonstrates the power of using Bicep to deploy Azure Sentinel and onboard resources using Azure Policy.

Viewers will also see a demonstration of threat detection and automated response from a simulated attack on Azure resources protected by Sentinel.

Jesse Loudon

Consultant, Creator, Coder

Jesse Loudon is an Azure MVP and Principal Consultant specializing in Microsoft Azure, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code initiatives; with over 10+ years IT pro experience. Jesse's mission statement is to democratize Azure Policy as Code. Jesse can be found actively advocating in the community across blogs posts, open-source GitHub repos, and YouTube for greater Policy as Code adoption which drive repeatable, auditable, and scalable deployments for enterprises.

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