Playing Videos on Android? ExoPlayer2 at your service!

Playing videos might be easy at first but this can get very tricky when you have to support multiple video/audio formats or offline medias. But no worries ExoPlayer2 is there for you!

This session will cover the basics of the ExoPlayer such as how to play a video thanks to the library and its core features. We'll go through its architecture, how to set it up and what video format ExoPlayer supports from classic MP4 to adaptive streams like HLS or DASH with protected content. A large overview of its capabilities will be done through this talk.

Then we will have a look at some interesting extensions and features such as the download manager or the ffmpeg extension for more audio formats support, building playlists or even managing you own DataSource for playing content on SMB servers.

Julien Salvi

Lead Android Engineer @ Aircall

Paris, France


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