BIML-UP!! How I use BIML to speed up SSIS development.

Updating SSIS packages can be tedious and error-prone. Let me show you how I use BIML and Excel to dramatically speed things up.

SSIS is a great product, but making changes to many packages takes a thousand clicks and you're more than likely going to make some mistakes.

In this session I'll show you how I've changed my SSIS development methodology to use BIML, C# and Excel to create a metadata-driven environment that eliminates repetitive tasks and dramatically speeds up the time it takes to create, change or recreate SSIS packages.

We'll cover some BIML basics as a starting point, work our way up to what a source-to-target mapping document is and how it's used in Data Warehouse projects, and hit our stride by bringing these two together in a beautiful and effective manner. It's time to BIML-UP!

Martin Schoombee

Chief Data Wrangler at 28twelve consulting

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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