How can a cat be both dead and alive? A brief introduction to Quantum Computing with Q#

You've probably encountered quantum mechanics in popular mainstream media dozens of times. TV Shows like Futurama and Rick and Morty reference it often, and I believe most are familiar with Schrödinger's cat that's apparently both dead and alive at the same time.

Buzzwords and click-bait articles regarding quantum mechanics and quantum computing can be found easily online. Wild promises of all modern encryption being cracked in mere seconds and faster-than-light communication using quantum entanglement! More serious articles regarding the subject often appear to require an advanced mathematics degree from the reader. (Which, don´t worry, I do not possess either.)

Inspired by a talk I saw this year; I decided to dive into the world of Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit and the accompanied programming language Q#. Together we will uncover some of the wacky concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum computing. What is a qubit? What are the implications of quantum entanglement? What are the practical uses of quantum computing today?
And what's the deal with Schrödinger and his cat anyway?

Matthias van den Elsacker

System and Network Engineer @ Axxes

Antwerpen, Belgium


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