Sending HTML mail with Graph is hard - but it doesn't have to be

Remember the good old days... ya know when you could use Send-MailMessage with some simple params and poof... just like that your sending mail from your PWSH terminal. Fast forward today... and now it's authenticating to Graph and the constructing a JSON with all the info to construct an email send request...

If you are a sysadmin or automation specialist who needs to send emails for mail alerts or for on-prem automation, this new secure method to send mail probably seems hard... like REALLY HARD! But it doesn't have to be...

I am going to show you how with nothing more than TWO open source PowerShell modules you can easily auth to the Graph API and SEND very complex HTML email... all without having to do hard things...

We'll start by tackling the Graph auth process and walk up from simple mail sends to more complex things like lots of HTML formatting, embedded pics and all kinds of crazy things HTML will let you do inside a mail body!

I promise you when you leave this session; you will see that you can send mail with a nearly identical syntax of Send-MailMessage AND connect to graph!

...and it will be easy!!!

Mike Kanakos

Infrastructure Tools Engineer • Microsoft MVP • PowerShell User Group Leader • Tech Blogger

Apex, North Carolina, United States

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