Beyond Q&A: Plan and Conduct Stakeholder Interviews Like a Pro

Interviewing is a key technique to elicit information from stakeholders on IT projects. Whether a single stakeholder or a group, knowing how to conduct a professional interview will get us the information and data we need to create requirements, develop processes, and do our other work. The more our stakeholders can trust in our skills, the more information they will contribute. We all know of excellent interviewers, but how do we do it ourselves? What kinds of questions do we ask and when, and for which stakeholder and scenario? Are there some question types that are better used with individuals than with groups? At the same time, how do we document responses accurately and efficiently? Join us to learn the answers from Pamela Paterson, an IT business analyst and best-selling author.

60 min talk that can be adjusted by event

Pamela Paterson

International Best-Selling Author, Senior IT Business Analyst Consultant, Project Manager

Ottawa, Canada


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