Shifting Your Mindset To Reclaim Your Health - Lose The Stress

In this session I will share my health journey where I was mis-diagnosed, put on 19+ medications for nearly 2 decades and nearly died. I went on disability for almost 4 years and reversed all health conditions using plant and energy based healing. I now teach how to do this using a multi-modal approach starting with shifting the mindset (releasing old programmed belief systems that no longer serve you), precision sound healing (BAUD), specific essential oils, adaptogenic herbs and practicing a nutrient dense diet.

Rev. Jodi Suson-Calhoun

Founder, Suson Essentials LLC, Nutritionist, Energy Healer, Human Behaviorist, Aromatherapist, Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission, Leading You To Wellness

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States

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