Multi Platform (Web and Desktop) Blazor UI

Blazor has become one of the headline features of .NET 6 by allowing users to build rich interactive user experiences in C# and Razor, offering the benefits of a single-page app (SPA) framework while keeping all your code and data in .NET.

In this session we will talk about how we can develop Multi Platform (Web and Desktop) application using Blazor and what are the things we need to keep in mind in order to make the application scalable and future ready.
The key points we will talk about are :
1) Blazor Hosting Models
2) Project Structure for maximum code reuse.
3) Issues with this approach
4) Options for Desktops app development and which to use when.
5) Managing Service Calls
6) Offline Data Storage
7) Demo of Sample App

S Ravi Kumar

Solution Architect, Technology Advisor, C# Corner MVP

Greater Noida, India

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