Azure Governance Best Practices and Enterprise-Scale

In the past, Microsoft published many documentations and white papers for the adoption of Azure in enterprise environments. This includes Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and the Well Architecture Framework. Alongside an overview of those whitepapers, we will show some hands-on and live-demos to manage your cloud environment. In particular, Azure Policy, Azure Security Center, and Azure Advisors will helps you to enforce your policies across compliance and security.
In the second part of the workshop, we will give you an overview of the „Enterprise-Scale“ reference architecture. This enables you to build landing zone(s) that represents the strategic design path and follows design principles of critical design for shared services (e.g. identity, network,..).
Furthermore, it includes learnings from previous engineering engagements and provides architecture design patterns from Microsoft.

Various reference implementations allow to deploy (modular) templates depending on customer needs such as kind of connectivity (cloud-only, Hub/Spoke, vWAN).
In this workshop, we like to introduce the "Enterprise-scale" architecture, and some of the included aspects, considerations, or approaches. A particular focus will be on security best practices with Azure AD and RBAC.

Agenda of Workshop:
- Well Architecture Framework
- Cloud Adopting Framework
- How Azure Policy and Azure Security center helps to enforce Compliance and Security
- Azure Advisory

- Overview and requirements of Azure Landing Zones
- Deployment of Enterprise-Scale reference implementation
- Policy-driven governance ("Azure Policy")
- Critical design areas and core principals of securing Azure environments

Thomas Naunheim

Microsoft MVP | Cyber Security Architect @glueckkanja AG

Koblenz, Germany


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