I've lost my car, help me find it (using AI Builder)!

It's been so long since I've gone to a shopping mall that I was over-excited and didn't remember where I parked my car!

In this fun session, I'll share with you how to use my license plate reader app so you can help me find my car!

Interested to learn how I've done it? Sure thing, I'll open up the hood and explain to you how the integration of AI Builder's text recognition within a Power Apps canvas app and a Power Automate flow allowed me to get this going!

Will you help me, my arms are full of bags, they're getting quite heavy!

Don't forget to bring a shovel and snow broom, cuz who knows maybe we'll get hit by a surprise snowstorm and have to clear our way through!

Éric Sauvé

Power Platform Practice Lead, Solutions Architect, ZePowerDiver

Blainville, Canada

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